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September 12, 2014

Brittany Lincicome


MODERATOR:¬† We'd like to welcome our second‑round leader into the press conference room here at the Evian Championship, Brittany Lincicome.
Brit, bogey‑free, 65 today.¬† Put you at 10‑under through two days.¬† What did you carry over from yesterday?¬† You said you were having some success, but you wanted to keep things simple.¬† What did you carry over into today?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  I think just the confidence.  Even when I felt like I didn't hit a good shot today I kind of got away with it.  Golf isn't always a game perfect and hitting great shots.  It's more about misses.  My misses today were right online and gave me birdie opportunities or got me in the fairway to give me an opportunity to make a birdie.  So I think that's just kind of playing well yesterday just kind of went into today.
I was playing with Gerina, who's a good friend.  We had a lot of good talks out there today and just had some fun.
MODERATOR:  Not making a lot of mistakes, what has been the biggest strength, do you think?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:¬† I think putting.¬† Making the same five‑, ten‑footers to save par.¬† I think I only had to do that once today.¬† I had a couple like three‑, four‑footers.¬† I made two probably really good par saves today.
When I'm playing good I have nod idea what I'm shooting.  When I got done and looked at the scorecard and I parred the hole, 9, that was the only 5 on the scorecard.  I was kind of bummed about that.
Prior to that I had no idea that I was even on that streak.  When I'm playing well, it's just kind of light and easy and just having a good time, going with the flow, and not paying attention to the leaderboard.
MODERATOR:¬† Yesterday you said goal was to do maybe 2‑under every day.¬† Do you reevaluate?¬† Make new goals?¬† Where do you go from here?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:¬† I guess so.¬† You know, just on the driving range on Wednesday before I went to the pro‑am my golf shoes were here at the golf course.¬† I went to the accuracy first, so I had to hit on the range tennis shoes on.¬† It's some thing that Vision 54, the sports psychologist and I, have worked on in the past.
You've see at Kraft before where I've hit with no shoes on just for a tempo.  My golf swing when I get quick is when I don't think the good.
So even this morning before I warmed up I went through all my normal routine, and the last couple I took my shoes off and hit some drives just trying to get the tempo of the swing ironed out for the day.
I think that'll be the key the next two days, just not getting ahead of myself, not overthinking being in the media room right now and seeing my phone over here blowing up with text messages.
Just go back and I think we're going to order room service tonight or probably get pizza.  Just be nice and relaxed for tomorrow.
MODERATOR:  Questions for Brittany?

Q.  Can you elaborate on your barefooted hitting?  What does it do for you?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  It just slows it down, my tempo.  Obviously I can't swing as hard as I would like to with no shoes on because I will fall.  Haven't done that yet, knock on wood.
But it makes me swing a lot slower, which is really good for me.  Especially with a driver I tend to want to hit it really hard, and with no shoes on I can't do that.

Q.  Do other people look at you strangely when you remove your shoes and wonder what's coming off next?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  Exactly.  They probably do.  I got a good pedicure last week though and I like the color on my toes.  Maybe they're looking at me for that, I think.

Q.  What color?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  Like a bright neon orange color.  It's fun.  Not as fun as my nails, though.

Q.  Did you just discover the barefoot thing, or did someone...
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  Yeah.  I mean, like I said the Vision 54 ladies, they tell me to do it all the time.  I just feel like, Oh, I don't need to do that.  Why do I need to do that?
Just randomly going to the range like I said on Thursday.  I was hitting with tennis shoes on.  The grass was a little bit wet because it had rained I think the night before.  Just felt like I was kind of doing the same thing with the tennis shoes on as I would do without the shoes on.
Today I just though I would just take them off and hit some balls and see what happens.  Actually did it yesterday.  After my round I went to the range and hit balls for 15, 20 minutes.
It's funny, because Laura Diaz came over to the range.  She's like, Two questions:  Where are you practicing?  And why don't you have your shoes on?  Because a lot of players know I don't like to practice.  I should go to the range now but I'm leaving.

Q.  How long have you been working with the Visions people?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  That's a good question.  I worked with them a couple years ago pretty regularly for about a year, and then started up again kind of this off season and this year.  I haven't really talked to them much lately, but the stuff they're teaching me, it is somewhere in the back of my brain.
I just need to do it, and then obviously I would shoot 6‑under.

Q.  Rumor has it that you are a wine aficionado.
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  I love fishing.

Q.  No, wine.
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  Oh, wine.  I'm sorry.  Wine and fishing kind of go together.  I am learning to like wine.  Couple girlfriends and I just got back from Napa Valley out in California here recently.  Learned a lot of information out there, so I'm going to be a wine lover here soon.  Baby steps.
MODERATOR:  Third event.  Just playing super well.  You said a lot of it has to do with confidence.  Coming into this week did it feel different knowing your game was going in the right direction?  Feel like you were on the brink of another good week?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  No, because I didn't play Portland just so I would have two weeks off.  Just needed time to relax.  Whole first week I went fishing three times and didn't pick up a golf club.
Last week I felt like ‑‑ I was playing a little bit but wasn't really practicing by any means.¬† I would rather go out and play as my practice than go stand on the range.¬† Some girls would rather practice and not play.¬† I would rather play.
So I played a couple times, but nothing like I feel like an Inbee Park or Stacy Lewis does before they would come to a major.
Always up in on the air on what happens.  Goal is so day to day that it's different for everybody, and there is no rhyme or reason why I'm playing good right now.  Obviously I'm enjoying it very much.
MODERATOR:  You just said you don't like to practice.  You can't practice being in the pressure situations like you were in Wegmen's, being in the lead, being in the playoff.  How much do you think that will help this week if it comes down to the wire, that experience?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  I think it'll be huge.  Like you said, I haven't been in this situation for a while.  It brought back a lot of fun memories I have had when I won before.  I really one of these days would love to win a golf tournament by like five or ten strokes, so when I am walking down 18 I can be all smiley and waving and having a good time and not like super stressed ready to like explode inside.
That's my next goal, to win a tournament by a bunch of strokes.  The pressure is difficult to handle.

Q.  Been a while since 2011, since your last tournament.  You've won a tournament before, but over three years ago.  Is that something that's plays on your mind?  Are you able to not think about that?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  No, I mean, any win at this point would be a good one.  Just so happens that I did good in Rochester and I am doing good here and this happens to be a major.  At this point I would take any win.
You're right.  It's been a while since I won.  Obviously it's still in my memory and I can still pull from those events and put them into play in week and tell myself, You've been here before and done this before.
There is no reason why I shouldn't be standing on 18 Sunday holding that trophy.

Q.  You talk about you don't like to practice.  Are you a bit of a Laura Davis?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:¬† Absolutely.¬† She's my all‑time idol.¬† I love Laura.¬† She's the best.

Q.  Which of the two of you would practice more or less?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  Probably me, unfortunately.  I would rather go play.  So like a tournament week I would play nine holes on Monday, nine holes on Tuesday, and then the program on Wednesday.  Technically that's practicing.
When I say I don't like to practice, I don't want to go stand on the driving range and hit balls for numerous hours.
I find it very boring.  Just not so fun.  I would rather go on a course and see the shot and see what I need to do and where I'm going to be and hit a lot of chip shots and putts and just getting a feel for the greens.

Q.  Referring back to playing and no shoes on, are you not worried the all of (indiscernible) your toes or anything?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  Never thought of that.  That would be something I would do.
MODERATOR:  Any other questions for Brittany?
Okay, thank you for coming in.  Best of luck this weekend.

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