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September 11, 2014

Jason Day


Q.テつ Pretty decent effort considering where you came from last week and how much work you had to do.
JASON DAY:テつ I was just explaining earlier with the withdraw from last week's BMW Championship Friday, getting at least two sessions a day, anywhere between two and four hours, that much work can definitely mess with your timing, mess with the sync of the swing, just because things are moving a lot better than what you're used to.
That's why there was a few loose shots out there.テつ But today I had Jason Goldsmith on the bag obviously because Colin, I don't know what he did to his back last night, but he did something.テつ He had to pull out after seven holes.
And it was great.テつ I mean, my short game is coming around nicely.テつ I've been working hard on that, saved myself a couple times out there which was good.

Q.テつ (Off microphone)?
JASON DAY:テつ This was the first time he's missed.テつ Since he's caddied 2006, I'm thinking, he's never missed a tournament.テつ And this was the first one.

Q.テつ Having J.G. obviously, though, was it an easier adjustment given that he walks every round and‑‑
JASON DAY:テつ He does walk every round.テつ He does the green reading during the practice rounds.テつ And he didn't know what to do, really.テつ So he just had the yardage book.テつ He's coming over to me and he looked official.
He did a good job, though.テつ He did a really good job.テつ It was kind of something where it just kind of clicked.テつ It worked.テつ I did all the yardages out there and we were just talking out there, kind of just going about our way, and that kind of calmed me down a little bit.

Q.テつ (Indiscernible) here going on at some point frustrating?
JASON DAY:テつ It's always frustrating when you're injured.テつ To have a team member that has been there for a long, long time and a big part of your team, such as Col, it's gotta be frustrating for him because obviously this is a big tournament for not only for me but for him as well.
And I know how much he loves being out here caddying and trying to get us to win tournaments.

Q.テつ Were you surprised when he forced the issue and got there on 1 given‑‑
JASON DAY:テつ I told him:テつ Look, if you get out there and you pull out, I'm going to be very pissed.テつ Because I said take the day off. テつI said:テつ Take the day off.テつ Get some rest.テつ Because if you just miss today and you feel better tomorrow, then I've got you for the next three days.テつ If you pull out‑‑ if you go and caddie and can't caddie tomorrow because you hurt your back even more, then that's obviously‑‑ that's where I said I was going to be pissed.

Q.テつ When you got him‑‑ when you go to him and say we were 3‑under without you, you're good to take the week off?
JASON DAY:テつ Maybe.テつ I don't know.テつ I gotta see how he is.テつ I felt a lot more committed to my shots out there.テつ It's not because he wasn't there, it's just that it's just how it was.テつ I just felt good out there even though I had some loose shots.
But sometimes when you have a caddie and you both do yardages, there's so many numbers flying around it's sometimes hard to commit to some shots.
And to have Col on the bag for such a long time, for him to miss a tournament, it's not going to be the end of the world because I know he's going to be on the bag until he wants to fire me.

Q.テつ Going along with what you were saying, did you feel like you were more focused because you had to get all your own yardage and didn't have Col to rely on?
JASON DAY:テつ When I had Col on the bag today, it was the first few holes where I got yardage wrong.テつ So every other yardage that I had after that, as soon as he got off the bag, I got them right.
So sometimes there's that little bit of I'm just relying on him a little bit just to make sure the yardage is right.テつ But seemed like every other yardage after he pulled out I got it right.

Q.テつ Did it make you focus a little bit more?
JASON DAY:テつ Yeah.テつ I mean, I'm just‑‑ the ultimate goal is to win the tournament.テつ Win the tournament, hopefully win the FedExCup.テつ And I've been preparing for a long time.
Obviously just to be able to practice and get ready for this tournament over the last four, five weeks.テつ So, I mean, I'm very motivated to play well here.
So the focus hasn't really gone up as much as Col's pulled out, you think you're doing your own yardage, you should focus more.テつ But it just feels the same.テつ It feels the same.テつ I'm just out here trying to do my job, and my job is to try and win at the end of the week.

Q.テつ Some players are talking about player fatigue and the buildup on this.テつ Where do you stand on that?テつ How are you feeling?テつ What do you make of those comments?
JASON DAY:テつ I can understand.テつ It's four weeks in a row.テつ Four weeks in a row playing the playoffs is‑‑ every week is very important.テつ I can understand‑‑ I didn't play last week, so I only played one and a half rounds.テつ So I got to rest up.
My energy levels feel good.テつ But some other guys may feel tired.テつ I think normally it goes‑‑ I think it's three weeks on, a week off, and then the TOUR Champs.テつ But with how the Ryder Cup is, I know Tom wanted a week between TOUR Champs and the Ryder Cup so the guys can rest up, which is fine enough but not fine enough for us.テつ It is what it is.テつ That's where the schedule is and we have to get up and play.
And at the end of the day, it's just how much you want it more than the other guy.テつ Energy levels may be down, but you gotta do everything you can to win the tournament and hopefully win the FedExCup.

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