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August 25, 2014

Milos Raonic


M. RAONIC/T. Daniel
6-3, 6-2, 7-6
An interview with:

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What can you tell us about the match from your point of view?
MILOS RAONIC: Everything was okay. I'd go in and out sometimes. Maybe just lacked a little bit of intensity. Where I needed to, I played well.

Q. Tell us about the second serve, the 140-miles-an-hour second serve. Have you ever served one before?
MILOS RAONIC: Plenty of times, yeah. I just have freedom to go for it and I hit it like a first serve. That's pretty much about it.

Q. Is that a particular state of mind or sort of how you feel about your serve or...
MILOS RAONIC: I wouldn't do it on like maybe let's say a breakpoint down that flat and hard. But when I'm up 40-Love, I feel like I'm going to make it about 50% of the time, so why not?

Q. A couple days ago you said you might be asking to your colleagues about your opponent. What kind of information did you get?
MILOS RAONIC: I didn't ask my coaches. I asked, and we were sort of told he tries to play more a Spanish clay court from a little bit further back, a little bit more defensive type of game style.

Q. Where would you situate this match in all the matches you played this summer in terms of how well you played?
MILOS RAONIC: No, I'm playing much better I think for things, it's just it's really hard to gauge it because of the way things went throughout the match. But I feel like just the way I've prepared for this event, I'm feeling more comfortable than any of the other ones, so that's a good thing.

Q. Is a first-round match like this also part of preparation for the later rounds? Is this sort of an afternoon that you would learn about court conditions, all that kind of stuff?
MILOS RAONIC: Well, yeah, you got to get used to it. There are things that are very new. You can't expect to start playing here playing the way I finished in Cincinnati. So, yeah, you have to sort of take it as it goes. But fortunately for slams, the way I always plan them, I try not to play the week right before so I can spend as much time on that given court or surface as much as possible.

Q. I'm trying to remember if you played on that one before.

Q. Against?
MILOS RAONIC: Fabbiano my first match last year. It's a nice court. I like it. Maybe just because it's a little bit more open compared to Grandstand, sort of having the edge of Armstrong hanging over it, and how steep Ashe can feel. It's maybe just not maybe as intimate and the noise doesn't stay in as much. But it's a nice court.

Q. There was a point near the end where you screamed three balls as hard as you could, and then a dropshot. You let three forehands go full blast, and then you tried the dropshot. Just sort of feeling your oats then sort of going for it?
MILOS RAONIC: Yeah, I was feeling comfortable. I was feeling like I'm doing things well. I definitely did dropshot or try to play a little bit crafty too many times throughout the match, but I felt like he was quite far behind the court and might have been the right play.

Q. Whacking those forehands, you just felt like you were on your game at that point?
MILOS RAONIC: I don't think I had anything at that point to really lose in that situation, so I was going for it a bit more freely.

Q. Are there any particular areas you feel you need to sharpen up ahead of the second round?
MILOS RAONIC: Yeah. Just the discipline, the mental discipline and physical discipline. I got to play a high level throughout the entire match. I felt I fluctuated a little bit too much today.

Q. How will you feel if you get out of this interview room without anybody asking about what you were wearing today, your fashion statement?
MILOS RAONIC: Let's get to it, Tom (smiling).

Q. Hardly anybody missed you in that color.
MILOS RAONIC: Yeah. But apparently you said you didn't watch much of the match, so you did miss it.

Q. I still noticed you.
MILOS RAONIC: Thank you, Tom.

Q. Any comment?
MILOS RAONIC: I like it. I like it. It's a nice color. It's a nice outfit for New York (smiling).

Q. You talk about mental discipline. Are you specifically talking about concentration?
MILOS RAONIC: Yeah, it's concentration mostly. A few times I would play very sort of lackadaisical to get down 15-40, and then I would sharpen up only and really get on top of myself when I was putting myself with my back up against the wall. That's not the way you want to put yourself out there. I don't think I lost many points until 5-2 when I had a double break in that second set, and then just by sort of having one loose game, I let him start believing more. Then he was able to get himself in more and more games.

Q. How many times did you practice on Armstrong in the week leading up this year?
MILOS RAONIC: I think twice I hit on it.

Q. How many times on Ashe?
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