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March 5, 2004

Todd Hamilton


TODD HAMILTON: I was pretty pleased with the way I played today, obviously. I'm from Dallas so I am used to playing in the wind. This time of year, especially, it is very windy.

The round, I had a lot of good shots. I had not been putting that well up until this tournament, but I made some good putts yesterday and got a little confidence. I let one get away on the last hole. Made a couple of good putts, I thought. Kind of tough to read them, shadows going over the green. I have not played this course until this week, so a little behind the 8 ball. But overall, could not be more happy.

Q. Conditions different from yesterday to today?

TODD HAMILTON: I think yesterday overall, it was a little more windy toward the end of the day. The wind kind of died down, especially on the last couple of holes. Still hot, still sweating. Just got to hit a lot of good shots and make some good putts.

Tomorrow the wind is supposed to die down but the weatherman could be 100% off. I expect the wind to blow a little bit and it is supposed to be hot again.

Q. Did you know you could have gone 1 up on Retief by making that birdie?

TODD HAMILTON: I happened to notice that. Still got two more rounds to go. If I made the putt, great, if not, great, or not so great, but still you are only one shot back. I feel comfortable with my game. Just have to get off to a good start to keep the momentum going. Would be nice to be leading but maybe next time.

Q. Assess our game overall?

TODD HAMILTON: Today I hit the ball well. Yesterday I hit the ball well. Like I said, I don't like playing in the wind but I don't mind hit a lot of good shots. If I didn't have a tee shot in the fairway to a tough pin, and I was in the rough, I would just play to the middle of the green and take my par. Hit a lot of good shots. Just have to capitalize on them when you do.

Q. Are you comfortable going into the weekend?

TODD HAMILTON: Had I not played well and scored well, it would be a little bit different. I have a little bit of confidence by getting off to a good start each day, I think.

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