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August 29, 2014

Sabine Lisicki


6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Early in the second set you got up by a break. Did you feel the momentum was on your side?
SABINE LISICKI: Yes, I definitely think so. I mean, it was a long game, long points. Good points as well. Very good rallies, which was fun to play. I love that kind of grind, you know, so it was good at that point. I made those points and got up, but unfortunately wasn't able to make those little points here and there to keep the lead.

Q. The one particular point.

Q. One point in particular in the game where you saved the breakpoint and were able to retrieve back and forth and then she eventually put it out. From your perspective, was that a bit of a miracle that you were able to take that point?
SABINE LISICKI: Why a miracle?

Q. Because she appeared to be putting the ball away.
SABINE LISICKI: Well, but I ran them down, so I wouldn't say it was a miracle because I ran there. So I got it because I ran fast enough to get those balls. You know, I think it's always tough when someone puts the ball back in play even though you hit a good shot.

Q. Were you bothered at all by the discussion with the chair umpire over his telling you he thought there was coaching going on?
SABINE LISICKI: No, because I didn't know what he meant. So no. There wasn't much that I could do.

Q. A distraction to you at all?
SABINE LISICKI: No. Yeah, because I didn't see anything. I wanted to know what it was that he saw because I haven't seen it. I just wanted to know because I couldn't do anything.

Q. Did he tell you?

Q. When you walked over to your box before serving after that changeover, what did you say?
SABINE LISICKI: That he thought they were coaching, just so they were aware.
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