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August 30, 2014

Tommy Robredo


T. ROBREDO/N. Kyrgios
3-6, 6-3, 7-6, 6-3
An interview with:

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You've had a long career, been as high as top five in the world. Playing in an amazing atmosphere tonight against a young kid. How special was tonight for you?
TOMMY ROBREDO: Well, to play in the central court in a Saturday night in US Open is always special. I have been like 13 years here and I had only like five, six, seven chances to be in the center court, but two in the night match, which is amazing for a player. It's a great experience. Out there, everything was perfect today after the first set and a couple of games. I enjoyed it a lot and I will remember that match.

Q. You played Stanislas Wawrinka here in 2006, beat him in straights.
TOMMY ROBREDO: I remember. But anyway, I played Stan a lot more times. He beat me last time in Australian Open this year in the same round, I think. So I will try. I will try to pay back the victory that he took to me in Australia. Anyway, he's a great player. He's playing so good this year - all of his career, but this year especially. Today he didn't have to play. He's going to be a little more fresh than me. Anyway, I will be there fighting for every ball and trying to win one more match.

Q. Do you think the freshness will be the key or that you're in more of a rhythm?
TOMMY ROBREDO: Well, rhythm for sure. I have a lot more. But I don't know. Let's see what happen at the beginning of the match. If I start good, if he start good, who wons the first set. The important thing with these guys is to play great. With Wawrinka, if you play six points from ten, you're going to lose. You have to play nine or ten to beat him and wait till he's not playing his best, no? Who knows. But anyway, it's a great round. It's great for me to be there again playing good and enjoying. I will give everything that I have.

Q. You mentioned the 13 times here. Do you think the experience over Nick tonight was the key?
TOMMY ROBREDO: Could be. I think that he was playing so good at the beginning. He was hitting every ball. When I was set and nearly 3-Love down, I was believing that I could turn it back. To believe that on a moment like this, I think it's experience. When you play in a central court like this, you are losing like this, you are getting small, small, small. Sometimes it's really tough to come back, no? I did it. I think that experience help me a lot. Anyway, the passion of the sport. I just wanted to win, till the end, fight till the last ball. That's what I did. In the end it pay back.
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