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August 30, 2014

Sam Querrey


N. DJOKOVIC/S. Querrey
6-3, 6-2, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Was it just too hard to come back? 5-Love in the first and took a lot of the gas out?
SAM QUERREY: Yeah, it was kind of every set. I got broke in the -- first two sets I was broken my first service game; the third set I was broken my second one. I was always trying to come from behind. Just made for a long, tough afternoon.

Q. How did like let your level in general?
SAM QUERREY: It was so-so today. It was tough. He just puts so much pressure on you. And it's so windy out there. It's tough for anyone's level to be that great because of the wind. Overall the last two weeks I'm really happy with how I have played.

Q. Is he better in the wind than other players?
SAM QUERREY: He's better in any condition than other players (Laughter.) Yeah, maybe a little bit. He's just so consistent. Does such a good job of stabbing my first serve in, you know, deep in the court. You know, you just kind of feel so much pressure. You're kind of overwhelmed. Down a break early in every set. You know, it was uncomfortable the whole time.

Q. He was moving you around a lot. Did that sort of get tiring as well?
SAM QUERREY: No. I was only out there for about an hour and 10 minutes, so not really (smiling).

Q. Playing a guy like Djokovic, does that give you a bellwether to see how much farther you have to go up?
SAM QUERREY: Yeah, I mean, I can't judge it off that one match. That was a beatdown right there. I think if we were to play again, you know, it could be much closer. I definitely have a ways to go to get to that level, but I have really seen a lot of improvements in my game the last couple of weeks.

Q. Where specifically have you seen the improvements?
SAM QUERREY: In my forehand and my confidence mainly. My forehand feels, you know, like I have been aggressive with it, like I have been making it a lot, controlling the point with it. That in turn has helped my confidence. And I have also won a handful of matches, as well.

Q. You have played him a number of times. Was he doing anything better or different today? What was the pressure he was putting on you? Just getting your serve back or...
SAM QUERREY: I thought he was just making -- he always makes a ton of balls, but I feel like he wasn't really going for too many shots today. Just being consistent in the wind. Making me play. Making me hit a lot of balls. Really in his mind I think he was just like, I'm not going to make an error. I'm going to play percentage tennis in the wind. It worked really well against me.

Q. Do you find more pressure on you with his serve or first serve...
SAM QUERREY: Do I find that he put more pressure on me?

Q. That he was putting more pressure on you with his serving.
SAM QUERREY: No. I mean, I didn't notice that. I feel the pressure on the return games. I mean, serves that I hit that are usually, you know, an ace sometimes, he's putting it back in the court with something on it.

Q. So your season is not over. Grand Slam season is over. Give me your two cents on kind of 2014.
SAM QUERREY: As far as the Grand Slams specifically it wasn't bad. I mean, Australian Open third round; here third round; Wimbledon lost to a tough one to Tsonga in the second round; French Open lost second round. Grand Slams were actually decent. Everything else was kind of average to below average. But, you know, if I play like I did last week and this week, I still have a handful of tournaments left the rest of the year, you know. Kind of salvage it and turn it around and make it a positive year and start out next year kind of with a high, hopefully.

Q. Do you think you would have called two third rounds in slams a couple of years ago a decent Grand Slam season, or do you have a different perspective than back then?
SAM QUERREY: Yeah, I would have called it pretty decent.

Q. This time next year - I know it's early - but do you have a goal in mind coming into the US Open? Obviously you want to be seeded.
SAM QUERREY: Yeah, you know, I want to be seeded and I want to make the second week. That's kind of always my goal going into the slams. I want to make the second week. I have only done it a handful of times. I want to consistently do it two, three times in one year.

Q. If you had to play the match over again this year, get a mulligan and go out there, what would you do differently?
SAM QUERREY: In today's match?

Q. Yeah.
SAM QUERREY: I mean, I really don't know. I haven't thought about it too much. I would love to maybe buckle down on my first service game of the match and try to win that. You know, just gives you a little more confidence. You're at 1-All instead of, you know, going down 2-0. He holds, 3-0, and then I just feel the pressure right away. If I could scrape through that first service game of mine, that's what I would change.

Q. What kind of conversations have you had with Courier about Davis Cup? Where do you think that stands?
SAM QUERREY: I have had none. We'll see. Whoever -- if he wants me on the team, I'll be there ready to play. If he has other guys in mind, they will be ready to play, too. Whatever he thinks is best, I'm there for him.

Q. What kind of Asian schedule? Heavy?
SAM QUERREY: Two weeks: Tokyo and Shanghai. Then two weeks in Europe at the end of the year.
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