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August 30, 2014

Victor Estrella Burgos


M. RAONIC/V. Estrella Burgos
7-6, 7-6, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Looked like he had you knocked out a few times and you kept popping back up. How did you do it?
VICTOR ESTRELLA BURGOS: Sorry, I don't understand this.

Q. It looked like you were finished a few times. He was ahead of you. Had a good lead. Then you came back and made it a tiebreaker each time. How did you do this?
VICTOR ESTRELLA BURGOS: I did it because I want to really try to won the match. I was break down in the second set. I get very focused for try to get back the game, broke him. I got it, but I really -- Milos, he's unbelievable. When he played the tiebreak, I think he played a lot of tiebreak. He have so much confidence when he played the tiebreak.

Q. Can you describe how this week has been for you?
VICTOR ESTRELLA BURGOS: Oh, amazing (smiling). Really, amazing. For me was the best week. I think third round here in the US Open, today I have a very good match. I think I lost today, but today was my best match. I played very good level. The three sets was very close. I was serving for the set in the third set. I cannot close the set, but I'm not so -- I'm not too sad, because I have a very good week.

Q. What have you been doing outside from the tennis? Where have you been spending your time when you're not here?
VICTOR ESTRELLA BURGOS: I'm spending my time -- on the tournament, you say?

Q. No, outside the tournament.
VICTOR ESTRELLA BURGOS: Oh, spending my time at the hotel with my coach, physical trainer, with my family, you know. I have a lot of friends here. They going to visit me to hotel. We have really very good time here in New York. Every time we going some coffee close to the hotel, eat together. Yesterday we have a very good dinner together. Like 12 people. It was amazing dinner. I can relax. Every time when I'm out of the court, I'm relaxed.

Q. Great tournament. You're from a small, small country. And yet we know here in America from the great Juan Marichal to Albert Pujols, many great Dominican inspirations. Have you met any of the great sports people from the Dominican Republic that we know?
VICTOR ESTRELLA BURGOS: Yeah. First I make meet like couple years ago like, for example, we have Félix Sánchez, Olympic gold medal at the time. I don't have so much time to meet because the tour, you know. We had to traveling a lot. But now I think in the future, you know, we can. Sometime I need to take like some week off to go Dominican now and meet another sport guy there. We can talk about the experience here and everything.

Q. What will you take away from this experience? What will you add to your game to get to the fourth round?

Q. What will you add to your arsenal to get to the fourth round?
VICTOR ESTRELLA BURGOS: I think I add to my game is my physical. I think I working very hard to add this. I think all US Open I say, Okay, we say the best of five set. Had to be very good physically and I working very hard. I have so much confidence. When I go on to the court, I don't care if I play five sets I feeling okay. Like today I was two sets down and in the third set I just thinking, Okay, I want to make this game five set. Not happen, but was a very good tournament for me and very good week.

Q. What did Raonic say to you when you shook hands?
VICTOR ESTRELLA BURGOS: He said to me, Victor, very good week. You play better and you play very good. Keep doing.

Q. What advice do you have for other players who are smaller height-wise, like you, coming up against somebody like Milos? There is a lot of talk about height in tennis.
VICTOR ESTRELLA BURGOS: Yeah, but I think not a lot of guy can move like me. I'm very fast on the court. I think I compense a little bit because I'm not too high. I have to be very fast. I think this like make the level a little bit the same. But Milos, if I was the same tall like Milos and the same fast how what I am, what I can be? I don't know what I can be.

Q. Especially today must have been one of your best experiences probably ever in your tennis career. How was it to play in front of such a crowd? And were there as many people from the Dominican Republic as you were expecting and hoping?
VICTOR ESTRELLA BURGOS: Yeah, really expecting this. When I get into the court, it was amazing feeling, because I getting -- I see the full stadium. The Grandstand in the first set was very full. Sometime I see out of the court and I see a lot of faces that what I know. Because I know a lot of people from Dominican, they live here. They support me before when I play qually. It was amazing feeling. I am feeling very good.

Q. In the tiebreaker, third set, he got a break right away. How difficult was that for you like mentally to just stay in that tiebreaker in the third set?
VICTOR ESTRELLA BURGOS: Was very hard, because for me was really very hard, because the first two sets and tiebreak I lost for 7-5 and 7-5, and two time the ball hit at the net. I remember I hit very good backhand. Almost I cross him, and the ball hit at the net. Don't pass. Really was very close. I say, Okay, I need to try to do -- I think I try to do so much in the third set. That's why I make two time double fault in the tiebreak. One player like Milos, if you give him the advantage like two points, he gonna close for sure the tiebreak.

Q. Have you thought about what this week will mean for your career going forward? I mean, you'll be playing in more ATP matches maybe than you were before.
VICTOR ESTRELLA BURGOS: Yeah. Yeah, for sure. Actually, after this tournament for sure I going to go back to play couple challengers. I have two challengers more in South America; going to play the ATP in Europe. Why not start next year for sure with ATP and Asia; for sure I gonna play Australian Open. I want to try to mix it, but now I want to try to play more ATP than challenger.

Q. What surface do you prefer?
VICTOR ESTRELLA BURGOS: Surface? Clay court (smiling). Yeah. I love clay.

Q. It's by far the biggest prize money check that you had up to now. Any plans you are going to fulfill with that?

Q. Any plans what you gonna do with the money?
VICTOR ESTRELLA BURGOS: Oh, no. This week was my best week of the prize money, of course. I thinks I won, how much I don't know, $110,000, but I had to pay the taxes (laughter). With the rest, I think with the rest I need to put in account use it for traveling with coach, for tennis. I think I gonna have this money for traveling, spend how I am traveling and flying and everything.

Q. Invest it in your career.
VICTOR ESTRELLA BURGOS: Invest it in my career, yeah. If I get another sponsor like a more bigger, like a Punta Cana, if I get, you know, I can get a bigger one, but...

Q. (Indiscernible.)
VICTOR ESTRELLA BURGOS: Here I have almost my daughter. He's like my father. Yeah, he's a sponsor. He do everything good for me. He's one of my sponsor. I want to say thank you so much thank you so much to my physical trainer. Really very good week with them.
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