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August 31, 2014

Gael Monfils


G. MONFILS/R. Gasquet
6-4, 6-2, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You've had a great summer. How do you feel?
GAEL MONFILS: I feel good, you know. I have great summer. I think I have tough matches. I think I had some opportunity against the big guys and I didn't make it so I won't say great. I'll say okay. Now, you know, just playing solid, so I'm happy about it.

Q. Straight sets today. Did you see that coming?
GAEL MONFILS: No. You never expect easy match with a friend and as a good player, as I know Richard. Wasn't expected, but I take it.

Q. You didn't let him have a single ace. How often has that happened for you?
GAEL MONFILS: Not that often. But, you know, you don't think about it during the match. I mean, it's okay.

Q. Do you feel that you're hitting some form now deeper into the tournament?
GAEL MONFILS: I think I did much better than the previous match. I could have served a bit better also, you know. But I think slowly I get a good rhythm, so I'm happy about it.

Q. Your next match is likely to be Dimitrov, who is up a break in the fourth. You played him before. He's obviously in very good form. Into the top 10 for the first time. What are your thoughts about playing him?
GAEL MONFILS: Well, it's going to be a tough one. He's definitely the favorite. It's the first time we switched. He's the favorite; top 10; solid, as you say. I think he's very talented. He can hit every shot. But, you know, I think he have a great defense. It's going to be interesting for me. But try play my game, be aggressive, and we'll see how it's going to be.

Q. You are both showmen of different kinds, but very pleasing to people to watch for the crowd. You haven't played on Ashe this year. Maybe that will happen this time.
GAEL MONFILS: Well, to be honest, probably I play on Armstrong. If it was me, I prefer if we play on Armstrong. If I have a request, I will say tomorrow to play on Armstrong.

Q. Were you really concerned about the raindrops that fell?
GAEL MONFILS: Yeah, 'cause, you know, it's humid. Still, you know, even without the rain, is I think a bit slippery. You know, Richard sweat a lot, so it's tough on the baseline. Then it was like rain a little bit. I tell Pascal, I mean...

Q. Do you feel more focused now than before?

Q. Because you seem to be winning matches with less complication.
GAEL MONFILS: I think I'm the same. You don't understand why, but I understand. I'm cool. As usual. Still the same. Hanging around. No coach. I'm happy. Good (smiling).

Q. A bunch of people are already comparing Nick Kyrgios to you a bit. I saw you had an exchange on Twitter. What do you think about his potential?
GAEL MONFILS: Well, definitely is a newcomer. I think he's very talented. Last night he had maybe 30 minutes like incredible, I mean, playing heavy tennis, get all the shots. I think for me Nick is the next top player. For sure he needs a bit time because is his first year. You know, when you play against Tommy, for me, it was like I know Tommy. You know, Tommy you can be two set up - and myself I was - and then he come back. But I think it's good for him. He will learn. For me he's faster than us. He learn quick. He's playing unbelievable his first year. For me, he's one of the best server on the tour. Only this shows that at 19 you just come the first year and be one of the top 10 servers. It's impressive. I think he's going to break maybe the top 30 at the end of this year.

Q. How great has it been to have the fans behind you?
GAEL MONFILS: Yeah, for me it's always great because give me more energy, more belief. You know, I need that. You know, when I be down, I really need that. Is more than helpful for me.

Q. Do you have any family that travels with you?
GAEL MONFILS: Not this time 'cause my parents works. My brother couldn't make it. So I'm just here with my agent.

Q. Last time you played Dimitrov there was some confusion at the net with him trying to kiss you. Will you try to plan better for that?
GAEL MONFILS: Yeah, I don't remember. There was a confusion?

Q. He went in to kiss you and you seemed surprised or caught off guard.

Q. Your birthday is in 45 minutes. Do you plan to celebrate?
GAEL MONFILS: No. I think I'm just going to call my mom. I'm born like earlier than that. I think it's already my birthday. I was born early in France. I just call my mom. That's more important. As a tennis player, it's recovery, sleep, get ready for tomorrow. Is not a big birthday.
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