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August 31, 2014

Sara Errani


S. ERRANI/M. Lucic-Baroni
6-2, 2-6, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How did you feel like you played today?
SARA ERRANI: Very good. I mean, it was tough match. She served very strong. She hit the ball unbelievable strong. Is the kind of player I don't like to play too much, so I just tried to be very focused every point. Tried to shut up the most I can. So be focused try to hit when I can. Was, I think, very good match.

Q. Is it strange for you to see the winners? You had four at the end and she had something like 45. Contrast of styles?
SARA ERRANI: How many winners she did?

Q. 45.
SARA ERRANI: Me? And me?

Q. Four.
SARA ERRANI: Yeah, of course is normal with this kind of player. I don't have the chance to make what really I want to play. So to move the ball, to be long point with her is impossible. She hit the ball very strong. She made winners and she made unforced errors. So I just have to try to make her make mistakes. This is my game against her. Is difficult for me to make winner when she hits ball that strong. I know that before going to the court, so important thing for me was to try to move her, try to be more consistent again, and try to be aggressive when I can. But of course it's difficult.

Q. Have you paid attention to how many of the top women's seeds have lost this week? I guess what do you sort of make of that?
SARA ERRANI: Well, I think there are a lot of still good players. Is normal. It's a Grand Slam. Every time happens that someone lose and someone win. So just try to be on my street and continue.

Q. Are you a player that looks ahead in the draw and maybe looks to see if there is an opportunity because there are upsets or anything like that?
SARA ERRANI: Yes, I always look the draw. I love to watch also the other side, not only my side. I love tennis, so I like to watch all the matches.

Q. If you could compare your game with one men's player playing right now, is there someone similar that's playing similar to how you play?
SARA ERRANI: I don't know. I love very much Ferrer because I practice with him. I saw his career. When I was young I start to practice with him. I was maybe 300 and he was already up in the rankings. So I watch him a lot how he was practicing, how was making the decision, and how is the person is. So I like it very much. I think it's unbelievable player. He work a lot. He stay focus on what he has to do. I like Ferrer very much. Of course he had much, many more success than me, but of course I like to watch him.

Q. You're one of the best tennis players in the world. You have had a fabulous career. I'd like to ask you if I could, if we can talk about your serve, how you learned that motion, about how many aces you hit a year. Could you just talk about that?
SARA ERRANI: Well, I don't serve very fast. Of course you see that. It's difficult for me. I try to improve my serve, but I think I have a different kind of serve. I don't try to make winners with my serve. I just try to make kick, make slice, try to change my game. I cannot serve at 180 per hour. I know that, so I try to be more consistent that I can. So make a lot of first serve in and try to maybe play with kick. That sometimes is good for me. Of course I have to improve it a lot, but is not easy. I try. With that serve I have been 5 in the world, so it's not that bad, I think (smiling). It's a bit different of the other. I don't try to hit the strongest I can. Maybe I can sometimes try to push more, but I don't want that. I want consistence. I need to start the point where I want. So sometimes is better for me to serve not that fast, because if you serve fast the ball is coming faster. So I try not to hitting that fast. I try to change a bit the direction and be ready for making the point on the baseline.

Q. About how many aces a year do you serve?
SARA ERRANI: I really -- is not my problem. I don't look at that. Is not my game. Is not my game to making aces, so I don't have problem if I don't make one in a year. Is not my problem.

Q. You may play Sharapova or Wozniacki next. Can you comment on that, what it would be like to play one or the other?
SARA ERRANI: What can I do? Both are amazing player, playing very good, so will be tough with both. Of course Sharapova, never won against her. She's amazing player. Wozniacki is playing unbelievable too, so it's very difficult for both.

Q. Back to Cincy with that incredible overrule. That was one of the most bizarre overrules I have seen. Have you had any interesting comments on that since then?
SARA ERRANI: No. I understand the chair umpire can make mistakes. Everybody can make mistakes. I said also to the other person, He made really good job in all the match. Only that mistake. Of course you can have mistake like everybody. Of course I was a bit nervous because was 3-All, 40-all, so was of course very nervous. But I understand that the chair umpire can make mistakes. For me was making two mistakes, but it's okay. Happens.

Q. What's the goal for you? You have been top 5 in the world; you have won doubles Grand Slams; you have been to a slam final. Do you want to win a singles Grand Slam, or what would be a success for you?
SARA ERRANI: No, no, I never think like that. Is very difficult to win singles Grand Slam. Is not my goal. My goal is always the same. I always say for me the important is go on the court and try to do my best. Of course sometimes you win. Doesn't depend only of you. There is an opponent. There are conditions. So every week is different. So I just try to be focused on my game, try to work good, to practice good, to be focused on what I have to do, and try my best. Of course I know that won every match is difficult. First round, second round, is very difficult to win matches. All the players are very strong. So is not easy. I just try to stay there and try to do my best and see at the end of every year what I have reached.

Q. Millions of people from my country go to your country every summer, every year. If you could tell us Americans the one city or village to go to in your country, what would that be?
SARA ERRANI: I cannot say mine because it's very small. Is not that unbelievable. But I think Rome is -- I love Rome. It's amazing city. Everything, I think. The people there, you have a lot of things to watch, and it's I think -- you eat very good, so it's maybe the best for me (smiling).

Q. Better people watching in Rome or New York or Paris?

Q. Better people watching?
SARA ERRANI: Watching what? The match?

Q. Watching people. You know the phrase, people watching. Help me out here Ubaldo.
SARA ERRANI: (Through translation). Rome, for sure. It's Italy (smiling).

Q. Wozniacki is running a marathon in a couple of months. Did you know that?
SARA ERRANI: She's what?

Q. Running a marathon.
SARA ERRANI: Yeah, I heard about that.

Q. Is that something you would do?
SARA ERRANI: No, no, never. I hate running. No, no, not for me. My coach did last winter, and it's every day, I made the marathon, I made the marathon. I don't like to run, so it would be impossible for sure. Maybe one day, but I don't think so (smiling).

Q. But you like running on court?
SARA ERRANI: Yes, yes, on court. Yes. On court, yes, but running like this all the time, slowly, I don't know. Four hours, five hours, no, no, no. I cannot. I think I cannot do that.
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