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September 3, 2014

Flavia Pennetta


S. WILLIAMS/F. Pennetta
6-3, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What was Serena today?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: You see the match?

Q. Pieces.
FLAVIA PENNETTA: So? She play good. Really good.

Q. How do you respond to something like that coming in? You had confidence, made it this far, and then you come up against a force like that.
FLAVIA PENNETTA: You have to believe you can win all the time. I mean, you just go on the court and try your best. You don't have so many things to do.

Q. You started pretty strongly there. Did that give you confidence?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: Of course, but I had confidence from the beginning. I get in the court and try to do what I have to do to bring the match home, but she was really good today. I think we play really good tennis tonight. I mean, really strong tennis in everything. Today I push so much and she come in with the best tennis, I think.

Q. Did that make it easier? Because, you know, you know that she played well, or is it still hard losing in a stage like this?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: I mean, it's normal. When you're here you want to win and keep winning. I'm not happy in this moment. It's normal, no?

Q. Do you think you did your best today?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: You? What do you think? Do you see the match?

Q. I saw the match.
FLAVIA PENNETTA: And what do you think? Was it good tennis or not?

Q. It was good tennis, but I don't know if you thought you could have done...
FLAVIA PENNETTA: Maybe I just can be more with my serve, a little bit more high with the percent of the first serve. But not too much. I think we cannot talk about tennis tonight because we play really well.

Q. What are the positives you take out of this tournament then? You reached the quarters; lost to the No. 1 seed.
FLAVIA PENNETTA: I mean, it's positive, because from the beginning of the tournament, if you ask me the first day to get in the quarterfinal, have the chance to play Serena, yeah, to get in the semi for me was a dream, you know. But in this moment it's normal. Then when you lose, you feel you're upset. You're not happy. But for sure is a good tournament. It still is is a good tournament.
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