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September 6, 2014

Matt Kenseth


Q.テつ Looking forward to Chicago and the nine races after, what's your realistic expectation out of this?
MATT KENSETH:テつ I feel great about my team.テつ I've got a ton of confidence in the group.テつ They've been really great on pit road.テつ I think Jason has been doing a great job this year, our preparation has been good, execution has been great, so I feel good about the company and the team and everything we can do.テつ It's no secret we've just kind of been off on speed.テつ We just haven't had the speed really for any of us to get up there and win the races that we did as a company last year, what we know we're capable of.テつ So with that being said, we've just got to be perfect.テつ We just can't do things like I did tonight and take us out of a race.テつ We've just got to go out and be perfect on the racetrack, pit road, calling a race, prep, all that stuff.テつ Hopefully keep putting ourselves in position like we did at Atlanta, Bristol, some of those tracks.テつ Maybe things will fall our way and we'll be able to get some wins here before the season is over.

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