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September 6, 2014

Joey Logano


Q.テつ You ran well, your teammate dominated the night.テつ What are we going to look forward to seeing from you two as the Chase approaches?
JOEY LOGANO:テつ Hopefully what we've been doing.テつ That's out winning races and running up there in the top 5.テつ We had a hard‑fought night tonight.テつ We didn't quite run as good as we wanted to.テつ Didn't run as good as our teammate.テつ Congratulations to them.テつ Our Shell Pennzoil Ford was just okay, but we wore the tires out really quick both fronts and rears, so it was a struggle trying to keep them on it and trying to figure out how hard I can drive it to how easy I should to make sure I had something at the end.テつ Overall we're happy to be in the Chase.テつ I feel like we're definitely one of the cars that can do it this year.テつ I feel a lot more confident going into it this year than I did last year.テつ My team can do this.テつ I think we're all fired up and ready to go here.テつ We've had the last few months to prepare for it and get ready for this next week coming up, so we're ready.

Q.テつ Tell me what you learned last year being a rookie that'll help you this time in the Chase.
JOEY LOGANO:テつ Well, I don't know if anything that's going to apply because the whole system has changed now, so basically our plan is to do what we've been doing.テつ We've been very consistent, running up in the top 5 every week and in contention to win.テつ If we do that the next 10 races we're going to get ourselves to Homestead and then we're going to have a hell of a race from there.テつ But right now we've got to just stay focused, do what we do, don't get spun out about the pressure kicking in or anything like that, which I know my team is good at, we'll just keep our heads down and maybe shut off the TVs and do our jobs, don't let other people influence what we're going to do, and like I said, do what we do.

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