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September 6, 2014

Kurt Busch


Q.テつ Looking forward to the Chase, what are your expectations?
KURT BUSCH:テつ We wanted to run tonight like we were running in the Chase.テつ What I mean by that is the chaos of win and get in, we're going to have that a lot throughout the Chase this year, but yet consistency is still going to play a key role.テつ We ran our own race tonight, finished 7th.テつ If you can finish 7th the first three weeks of the Chase you're going to advance.テつ I think you can do that again in the next round of the Chase.テつ Tonight was a nice feel for us to run our own race, and our team has developed over the year.テつ We won a race earlier this year at Martinsville, and it surprised us all, to make that happen because the team was not ready, honestly.テつ I'm glad we had the summer months to run through, and once we got to the first Pocono, it seemed like we were rolling after that, great, strong top 5s.テつ I wrecked the car at Michigan going for the win a few weeks back, but if we would've run that race out, finished top 5, that would've been four top 5s in a row.テつ That's what it takes to be a championship‑contending team, and this Haas Automation team is ready.テつ We're ready.テつ We have a nice 10 weeks ahead of us where we've prepared for it.テつ We've built better cars.テつ We've tested Chicago, we've tested Loudon, going to test Miami, we're going to test Charlotte.テつ We've got a great teammate with Kevin Harvick to lean on, so congratulations to Stewart‑Haas for putting two cars in the Chase, thanks to Chevrolet and Monster Energy, Mobil 1, Rush Truck Centers, it has been a great ride and most of all, thanks to Gene Haas for believing in me, and we're here, we're a Chase contender.テつ It's my job to get the car championship eligible, and here we are, so let's go for it.

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