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September 6, 2014

Brad Keselowski


Q. テつYesterday when you and I spoke, you predicted you would be chasing the 4 car all night.テつ It was the other way around tonight.テつ How would you describe this performance and this car tonight?
BRAD KESELOWSKI:テつ What a night.テつ Part of me, I pulled into victory lane and I pinched myself once to make sure I wasn't dreaming.テつ These are nights you don't forget as a driver and you live for.テつ The Miller Lite Ford Fusion was just flying, and this is‑‑ I'm couldn't ask for a better way to enter the Chase than to win and take the first seed.テつ We're ready.テつ We want to run for another Cup.テつ We really feel like this team has it. Team Penske is really clicking.テつ 400th win for Team Penske, and this feels so lucky, man, to have such an incredible team and a car like we did tonight and be able to execute it and not have any bad luck.テつ We've had plenty of bad luck over the last few weeks, but wow, what a night.

Q.テつ A year ago you walked away from here with your head down because you had missed the Chase.テつ Tonight not only are you back in the Chase with this win, you're the top seed in the Chase.テつ What turned it around for this team this year?
BRAD KESELOWSKI:テつ I think a lot of things.テつ I think working with Ford and getting another year under our belt, certainly some major progress there.テつ I think last year was a bit of a kick in the butt, not the way you want but it was enough to really push us all and find another level.テつ We did a great job in 2012, but in the sports world you've got to keep progressing, and everyone else progressed and we didn't.テつ We didn't progress enough last year, and this year we really have upped our game, and man, this is an incredible team.テつ I feel lucky to drive, I feel lucky to be in the Sprint Cup Series.テつ Drinking lots of beer, I want to thank everybody at Sprint and Miller, and we're going to have a good night tonight.

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