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September 6, 2014

Rickie Fowler


Q. A really strong finish for you, you birdied the last two holes, you have one bogey in the last 36 holes.
RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, it's been a good short game show the last two days. I've gotten up-and-down a couple tough spots and kept the momentum going. Putting the ball very well. Seeing my lines well. So hitting a lot of good putts, it's a good thing. I had a few go in today.

Q. You came into the tournament 10th in FedExCup points. Still very possibly a top-5 finish, a win in Atlanta, you're the FedExCup champion. It all depends on Sunday?
RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, let's see if we can go out and have a good solid round tomorrow. It's still a long stretch. A lot of golf left to play, but all in all it would be nice to have a chance next Sunday in Atlanta to hold up the FedExCup.

Q. You were talking about your short game and your putting and chipping, any mechanical adjustment or just golf?
RICKIE FOWLER: Maybe a couple slight tweaks here and there, just to help out with some fundamentals, but nothing crazy. Probably one of my easiest up-and-downs today from one of the green side bunkers on the uphill lie, was the one that I didn't get up-and-down. So, no, it was good. Good confidence. It definitely helps me rolling the ball well to know that I get it up there inside basically 10 feet and it's good.

Q. What kind of changed your round around there on the turn, shot 4-under on the back?
RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, I was kind of just -- kind of scraped it around the front. Made some really good up-and-downs, made some good pars to keep it going. Made a nice putt on 9 to turn an even par. Back nine, I finally was able to piece together some shots, give myself some looks at birdies and just needed to putt well.

Q. Do you still have a low one in you tomorrow?
RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, I haven't played a solid round yet. Kind of just hung in there the last two days, just played some solid golf, nothing crazy. I made some good putts, so we'll see if we can get to swinging a little bit better tomorrow, a little more fairways and greens and continue to keep the putter hot and definitely, got a low one in us.

Q. The way that the scores have been posted last couple days, is there a feeling someone can charge from the back and win this thing?
RICKIE FOWLER: It's going to be tough. You saw Morgan today shoot 62. It's out there. But, you have to have control of your golf ball, and you have to make putts, that's -- it's not easy to make putts on these greens from outside 10, 12 feet. So, fairways and greens first and then hopefully, the putter stays hot, and we'll get a low one tomorrow.
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