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September 5, 2014

Henrik Stenson


Q. The delay yesterday, had to come back and finish. Just talk about that.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, it got pretty tough there. I had a lovely 8-iron in. I had the yardage from yesterday, obviously and I was hitting some good 8 irons on the range. I came out, I had to take five yards off it. I played a perfect shot and yesterday we couldn't stop the balls, really. Now with the rain, it spun back 35 feet to short of the green there. From landing it about 12 feet short of the pin. So, that was a bit of a tough start on that. Then I whacked the first putt 7 feet by and left a tricky little downhill putt. I managed to trickle it in. So, it wouldn't have felt good to start with a bogey or finish the last hole of yesterday's round with a bogey after hitting a perfect 8-iron to about 12 feet carry. So, I got away with it. You know, it's going to be a different golf course. Yesterday, you couldn't stop the ball. Today you have to watch how much you're spinning back. So it's going to be a totally different course. I think it's going to play easier in general, because you can throw it in there and it's going to stop. Especially on these 50, 60, 70 yard pitches that I think you can get eight of those if you're playing aggressive. It was weird that way yesterday, because I hit -- I played aggressive off the tee, hit some good drives, and good 3-woods, and standing from 60, 70 yards and you're playing to 15, 20 feet sideways, because you can't stop the ball. So you have to play sensible and just give yourself chances. So, it's a bit of a funny one in that sense, that you got par-4s that you are holding back not to go over the green, and then you got par-3s that you're hardly reaching. So, it's a bit of a mixed bag of holes out there, too. 276 yard par-3s -- there's never been a par-3 like that. So that's not one of my favorite holes in golf, a 4-wood or 2-iron, par-3. But, it's a bit of a course where you can get going, certainly. If you hit some good tee balls on these short par-4s, you're going to give yourself chances, especially now with the wet conditions. So, I think we're going to see some better scoring than yesterday. The field was extremely bunched up.

Q. Are you going to work on anything in between when you tee off?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, just down a sandwich. (Laughter.) No, I had like a shorter version of a warm-up before and since I knew I was only going to make one swing out there. So, I grabbed a quick bite and then hit a couple of long shots.
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