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September 4, 2014

Graham DeLaet


Q. I know it's not the way you want to finish, but a solid round, nonetheless.
GRAHAM DELAET: Yeah, I played really well -- I just kind of all the way through. I was actually surprised when I got to the 16th hole that I was in the lead. I thought there would be something a little bit lower. But, the course is playing really tough, and I'm happy, all in all, with the 68.

Q. What was the toughest part -- obviously, a new course for you guys, but what was the toughest part for you guys to get used to?
GRAHAM DELAET: I think the hardest thing really for every player in the field is just the adjustment. It was a quick week. I think that there was probably not anyone who had the same preparation that they normally would have, especially for such a big event. But, I guess we're all kind of in the same boat. And with the greens as firm as they were that's kind of what brought out a little bit of the difficulty in the golf course today.

Q. Talk about the altitude. What was your percentage maybe that you played different today?
GRAHAM DELAET: Well, I'm kind of different from most guys, because I play most of my numbers at about 2,500. So, when I'm at sea level, I reduce five percent. So, I was doing five percent the other way here. So, maybe a little bit easier for me, because I'm used to playing at some altitude. But, it's pretty fun to hit the ball 380 yards off the tee at the same time.

Q. What did you think of the first hole today? I mean -- just I know it was your 10th hole today, but talk about the first hole a little bit. I mean it's drivable.
GRAHAM DELAET: Yeah, it's a lot of fun. We play so many long golf courses that you're hitting 4 and 5-irons into a lot of par-4s these days. And it's fun, especially on that front nine, kind of the inner loop there, you have a lots of sand wedges in your hand. A lot of scoring opportunities and you still -- I mean even though those greens are both drivable, it really hard to hit it actually on the green. And when you miss it, it's -- the pins are tough enough, and you still have to make a nice up-and-down for birdie.
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