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September 4, 2014

Gary Woodland


Q. Well played out there today. Tough putts coming in. You have to feel good about the 67.
GARY WOODLAND: I do. It's not playing soft out there. This is about as hard a golf course as I've seen so far. I drove the ball well, gave myself some chances, and it was nice to get one up early.

Q. For a guy that hits it long anyway, how big of a challenge is it for you to play at altitude?
GARY WOODLAND: It's tough. It's tough to do the math. Full shots aren't that bad. It's the knock down shots that you really got to judge. But out here, the ball is going a long way. The driver I can really get out there, and I can give myself some wedges in.

Q. The golf course seemed a little fast out there. A little surprised after all the rain they have had?
GARY WOODLAND: It's as firm as we have seen. The greens are -- they're concrete out there. So, if we don't get any rain it can be pretty interesting by the weekend.

Q. Heading into tomorrow, feel pretty good?
GARY WOODLAND: I do. I'm very comfortable with where I'm at. I've been playing good. I saw a low round last week on Sunday, which was nice. It carried over.

Q. How pleased are you with the start on a golf course you haven't seen before?
GARY WOODLAND: I'm happy with it. It was very firm out there. Probably the firmest this golf course as we have seen. It was nice to get off to a good start and kind of carry it over and finish with a good number.

Q. What is the biggest adjustment when you see a place for the first time in competition, the altitude, and everything else, how do you approach it?
GARY WOODLAND: There's a lot of variables coming in. Obviously, a new golf course, the altitude, trying to judge how far the ball is going. It's cooler now than it's been all week. So, it's a big adjustment. You're out here trying to keep the ball in play and give your self chances. I did that today. I drove the ball well, and when I'm hitting it as far as I am, now, I'm giving myself wedges into holes which is nice.

Q. How far did you hit it out here?
GARY WOODLAND: I mean it's going. I'm hitting is around 375. It seems like the driver is getting out there pretty good. If I keep the ball in the fairway, I should be all right.

Q. Trying to secure your spot next week in the TOUR Championship, how much of a focus is that to try to get that Top-30 and stay there as you're just on the inside?
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, I'm still trying to win this thing. That's the beauty about the FedExCup, you adjust after next week, so the goal is to move up as far as you can and be in the top-5 going into next week and you control your own destiny.

Q. What did you think of the course today, how did it play?
GARY WOODLAND: The golf course played very firm. It's as firm as the golf course we have seen. The greens were very hard. Obviously, with the altitude, there's a lot of variables going into the day, but the golf course is in perfect shape, and I'm fortunate to get off -- I like where I got off with a good number today.

Q. Talk more about your round today. Are you happy with how you played?
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, I drove the ball well. With the altitude, when I'm hitting it in the fairway I'm giving myself wedges into holes. So, I'm able to kind of get in there and be a little more aggressive. If you're laying back today, the greens are so firm, you're hitting long irons into these holes today. The ball's not stopping. So, it's nice to be able to drive the ball in there and get wedges in your hand.

Q. What's your impression of the stop here in Colorado so far?
GARY WOODLAND: I think BMW does a great job everywhere we go. They put on an unbelievable show. This week -- Denver is an awesome city. Doesn't get much better than this, especially during the summer. The golf course is perfect. The crowds are unbelievable. I mean, this is, for a Thursday, this is awesome to see, so hopefully it's something to see for the weekend.
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