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September 1, 2014

Billy Horschel


BILLY HORSCHEL: I had a ball a little bit below my lie, below my feet, and maybe slightly uphill. I just wanted to make sure I stayed in the golf shot. I didn't want to come up out of it and flare it right. Obviously I knew the bunker was good. I just wanted to make sure I stayed in the golf shot and I just stayed in it probably a little too long, got a little quicker on the golf shot than I wanted and hit it heavy. It was very unfortunate because I hit it really well today. I hit it good enough to win. Just so unfortunate. Because after I saw him miss that birdie, we're going to a playoff. And I really felt like I was going to win the tournament outright. I was going to knock it on the green and I was due to make some length of a putt, because I had a couple of opportunities early in the round and just burned some edges. Disappointed, but I'm probably more disappointed that I finished in a three-way tie for second, because it takes away some FedExCup points for me.

Q. When you make a birdie, 15, 16, you guys made some great birdies, did you guys know what was going on at that point?
BILLY HORSCHEL: So I didn't know where I stood in the golf tournament. I knew I was probably leading or near the lead when I got on 15 green. I happened to look over. I said, you know what, I need to look. It's time for me to look. I hadn't looked at the leaderboard all day. I saw his sign bearer and it said he was 14. So I knew that putt was huge and it was big to make it. Then when I'm walking over to the next tee I see he makes his. So obviously I know we traded and he has a one up lead. Chris played well today. He's a great player. He's won three times out here now, last year at Sea Island. And the first time at Mississippi. He's a great player, he knows how to get his job done. I played a lot against him in college. It's no surprise that he played well and stepped up to the occasion.

Q. (Inaudible.)
BILLY HORSCHEL: Yeah, I just felt, you know, there's some inner belief in me that when I need to do something, I can do it. Unfortunately I hit a really bad 6-iron in there. But I honestly had a feeling that I was going to hit a good shot and I was going to make the putt for eagle. And at worse go into a playoff. That ticks me off a little bit, because I should be in a playoff. No matter how bad an iron shot I hit, it shouldn't be that bad that I don't give myself a chance.

Q. (Inaudible.)
BILLY HORSCHEL: It's a 6-iron. It was 198 at the front edge. With the wind helping and the way the ball was flying I felt like it was a nice, comfortable 6-iron. It wasn't anything special. I knew I didn't have to worry about going long. And I just thought I would have hit a little fatter and came up short of the hazard.

Q. You talked about struggling all season long coming into this event, what happened this week?
BILLY HORSCHEL: Just a mindset change, nothing technical or mechanical. Just trying to be a lot more calm out on the golf course, being more patient. I think I did a good job the last two days, not being upset with shots I've hit, with certain breaks that may come along. And just having a little bit more confidence in myself. Because not that I lack confidence, but sometimes I miss out on the golf course where I'm just sort of a little lackadaisical on shots. I'm such a good ball-striker. I don't always get a great target and a great picture. That's why I hit a couple of bad shots here and there. But I did a good job of doing that this week. Whenever I do have a good line and a good picture in my head I do seem to hit a great shot.

Q. (Inaudible.)
BILLY HORSCHEL: Well, I knew where I stood walking off 17. I knew he parred. And I knew I had a 1-shot lead. And I parred 17. So I knew he had a 1-shot lead on me going into 18. I saw where he hit a drive, so he had to lay up. I saw him hit a really good wedge shot and I saw him miss his putt. It didn't change my mind at all. I knew I was going for it. It was a perfect club. I just hit a bad shot at the wrong time. Because I haven't hit anything like that at all this week.

Q. You played with Chris a lot before?
BILLY HORSCHEL: Yeah, we played a lot in college, and Walker Cup and amateur golf.

Q. Would you make him the pick?
BILLY HORSCHEL: I don't know. I mean it's tough. I mean I know he's near the standings and everything. And I think when you look at the three captain's picks, you have to look at what's going to compliment your team well. And I think Tom is going to do that and he's going to find three guys that are going to compliment his team well and bring something to the team that the team may not have at that point. If that's what Chris Kirk has, then that's what Chris Kirk has.
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