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September 1, 2014

Geoff Ogilvy


Q. Geoff, you put on a heck of a show. Do you think 13 will be enough out there with Kirk at 14-under par on 16 green?
GEOFF OGILVY: It would be surprising, I think. 17 and 18 are pretty gettable. 18 is a tricky birdie. 17 is a tricky pin, but they're shortish holes relative to their par, so he's obviously playing very well, so I'm sure he'll sneak in better than 13. But I had a good day.

Q. Let's show you some of those highlights that you did put on for us. Here the birdie at the first?
GEOFF OGILVY: It was nice. Thursday and Friday I didn't make anything, and the last 27 holes was a lot of fun.

Q. How about this third shot on 7?
GEOFF OGILVY: Yeah, that was pretty good. It's obviously not really a very good second shot, but it's much better than missing it right, in the water.

Q. How about your birdie at 5. 29 foot putt?
GEOFF OGILVY: Again, bonus. It feels like I've been going years without watching any of these go in, so it's nice to have multiple of those go in today, which is fun.

Q. When feeling the way you're feeling on the greens do you feel like this one at 7 is just automatically going in?
GEOFF OGILVY: It's never automatic, again, because not a lot of them have been going in. But since 10 yesterday the hole looked pretty big, my speed was good, I was looking straight at the hole. It's nice to hole a few of them.

Q. How about your second here at the 13th hole, what did you see?
GEOFF OGILVY: It was a big pitching wedge. It was windy today, but it was up and down, so I didn't want the wind to lay down, because I hit it pretty hard and obviously hit a great shot and made it. So at that point I was feeling pretty good about it.

Q. Then you kind of cooled off a little bit. You come into the par 5, 18th, what did you see here from behind the green?
GEOFF OGILVY: Well, the best I could have done running it was probably about where I hit the ball to. I couldn't go straight to the hole. I wanted to give it some chance to make a putt and make a shot. But obviously got really lucky to hit the flag. It's an outside the hole putt from about four feet. It was a difficult putt, but I pulled it a little bit, which is a shame after the putting day I had.

Q. When you walk away from the green with a 5, do you look at it as I should have gotten a 5, anyway, because the third shot was lucky or do you walk away thinking, man, I really let one get away?
GEOFF OGILVY: A bit of both. You have a 5-iron into a par 5, you want to make a four, at least. It's a shame. I holed a lot of putts earlier in the day so if I look back, my net result for putting is very good today. It's a shame to miss a shorter one on the last hole. All in all it was a pretty good day. I didn't think 13 or 14 would get you even near it today. I thought it would take 16- or 17-under par the way the weather was. I was just glad to have a chance.

Q. I know you are a little disappointed not making the putt. I love the fact that you pulled the wedge out. You're such a great short game player there at 18. All of these guys would have chickened out. It was almost impossible, that putt.
GEOFF OGILVY: Well, I was a little bit greedy. I thought the only chance I had to hole it was to go that way. It was a harder shot to hit close with that club, but it was the only way to hole it, because if I wanted to run it it had to go left of the pin. I think the best result if I had run it was kind of where it finished, anyway. I was a little bit greedy going for that. But I guess it was straight. There's always some chance. I guess it normally doesn't do that. I got a really good break, and didn't take advantage, which is a shame. I think I'm going to end up missing by a couple. It wouldn't have made a difference, the wind, but I had a pretty good day.

Q. If you made 3 there, all of a sudden you're making the guys think down the stretch, am I really going to go at 16, am I going to go with that flag at 17, a little different program?
GEOFF OGILVY: That was the thinking with it there. My feeling was that's the only way to actually hole the shot. And even though I had my eyes on it I really, really want to birdie this hole. In the back of my mind I always thought 15 was going to be the number. Which kind of looks like it's going to be true. It might even be better than that. So a little bit greedy but all in all I was 1-under for the tournament with 27 holes to play and I finished 13. So I had a really good last 27 holes. I was packing my bags 27 holes ago, now I'm on my way to Denver. You can't get to Atlanta without playing Denver. I missed the cut last week and I thought I was completely gone. I didn't even think I was going to get here. I got a start here, played great on the weekend and now I'm good to go next week.

Q. I guess with a pitch and a putt there, the whole gamut of emotions.
GEOFF OGILVY: Well, it was obviously a massive bonus. I just told Dennis on the radio, I thought 15 was probably the number. All day I thought it was going to be more than that. I don't understand -- historically they go crazy low here on Sunday. I figured 15- or 16-under the whole day. I wanted to make a 3 or 4. When I hit the second shot where I did I thought -- I could have run it up the hill and normally I would have run it up the hill and tried to hit it 6 or 8 feet left of the hole and tried to make it, because that was the most sensible way to putt it. But I couldn't hole it doing that. The way the slope was up the hill it was almost impossible to have a go at the hole having to run it on the ground. I got a little greedy and tried to hole it. I got really lucky with it, it hit the flag and coming down close. And then I didn't take advantage of the good break. So you win some, you lose some. I hit a great putt there on the last, but it's an outside the hole 5-footer, and you've got to hit it pretty firm. And but all in all my putting the last 27 holes was off the charts for me recently so I'll take it.

Q. It didn't look like you spent a real long time over that last putt?
GEOFF OGILVY: I took the same amount of time I did all day. It went where I expected it to go, I just pulled it a little bit. Maybe that's a condition of not putting my best the last couple of years, not 100 percent believing in it. But I thought I was going to make it. I putted well all day. I just pulled it a little bit. The time I took was the same time I took over every putt.

Q. (Inaudible.)
GEOFF OGILVY: I don't. The first 45 holes I missed everything. I didn't putt very well at all. All of a sudden on 10 yesterday I made a putt. I I've been hitting the ball so well, really, since kind of spring, really, gradually better and better. Just waiting for the good weeks with the putter. It shows you if you make a few for 27 holes, good things can happen. I'm playing again, so that's a good thought.
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