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August 31, 2014

Russell Henley


Q. Russell, 34 and 31, which included three 2's today, which added up to 65. Good playing.
RUSSELL HENLEY: Thanks. It was a fun day. Obviously when you're making putts and hitting it well golf is a lot of fun. I've felt the opposite before. Just trying to enjoy myself out there.

Q. A little inspiration from your beloved Dogs during the business last night?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, I was laughing the whole second half, it was a lot of fun watching them run the ball. Obviously our running game is pretty good this year. I'm excited to get back and go to a game this fall.

Q. Obviously you haven't been carrying the best of form coming in here. But this was a very special round. Any keys to it?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Just the whole week. I think just my attitude. Just trying to have a good attitude, trying to enjoy the moment. And not being too hard on myself. This is such a tough game. And we put so much pressure on ourselves out here and I'm just trying to have a good attitude this week.

Q. These focus more on the larger FedEx competition than drilling down into this round, this round and this tournament?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I never really felt bad about a 65. So I'm just going to enjoy it. But that's over and now I'm going to go try and have another good round tomorrow. I feel like I'm playing well and I'm excited to get back out there and tee it up if we get some good weather.

Q. I know you were asked about the Ryder Cup issue over there, there's also FedExCup involved, as well, and getting the win. Can you block all that out going into tomorrow's round?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Ryder Cup, FedExCup, there's always going to be something we're talking about, right? And every week you're playing for something, it doesn't matter -- any week on the PGA Tour is big, so I'm kind of used to that whole deal. I don't know if I'm used to it, but I'm getting used to it. I'm just trying to, like I said, have a good attitude. That's about all I can control. I can't control the Ryder Cup. I can't control the FedExCup. And I'm not really thinking about those. I just want to have fun tomorrow.

Q. You talked this morning about having fun, relaxing. We saw you out there, everybody is saying 'Go Dogs,' did you feel comfortable out there, did you feel relaxed?
RUSSELL HENLEY: It was. It was fun. It's funny, you know, this game for me, it seems like the harder I try the harder it is. And I've just got to keep reminding myself that I'm a good player and I can compete out here. And hopefully I can do that tomorrow. But whenever my attitude is good and whenever I'm happy out there on the course I seem to have better results. And that probably goes for anybody.

Q. With the leader of the Deutsche Bank Championship right now, through 54 holes. Russell, how did you play today?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I played well. I shot 65. I think any day you shoot 65 it's a pretty good day out here on the PGA Tour. I had a pretty good time really good time. And obviously we were making putts, and when you're doing that golf is a lot of fun.

Q. I'm going to show you some of the highlights, and take us through a few of them. The tee shot at 3, what do you see there?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I was actually aiming just left of the flag, to be honest. And pushed it just a hair. But that's why you aim up the middle of the green, and got a nice bounce there, and pretty straight forward putt. And rolled it in.

Q. Nice one. How about this birdie putt, long distance at No. 8?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, Hayes walked up to me after I hit that and he said, there's not a chance that thing was missing. I think that was the most solid putt I've hit all week. Right after I let it go, I had a feeling it was going in.

Q. Hayes would be Adam Hayes, your caddie. Second shot now at 10 from the fairway?
RUSSELL HENLEY: It was a full gap wedge. We had a nice number, like 120 to the flag. And I was able to hit a full gap wedge. It's not often you can hit a full wedge out here, so I took advantage of it.

Q. A lot of people talk about taking advantage of the par 5s. You took advantage of the par-3s. How about this one at 11?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, that was about as good as I can hit a 4-iron. And wound up a couple of feet from the hole. And obviously that's a long hole and I'm not expecting to hit it that close, but that was about as good as I can hit one.

Q. Like you said, you'll take one whenever you can shoot a 65. How about this birdie putt at 13?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, just watched Bill roll it in, as well. I knew it was a little slick going away at the back of that green and just hit it right where I wanted to. The greens are so smooth out here, I kind of knew it was in about halfway there.

Q. 17, par-4. Not a long hole, but not an easy hole, either?
RUSSELL HENLEY: No. You've got to hit the fairway. And the green has a little hump in the middle. That's another one I felt good about my line, did what I thought it was going to do and knocked it in.

Q. You're in great position, trying to get that third PGA tournament on Monday.
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