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June 4, 2004

Todd Hamilton


TODD HAMILTON: I'm very happy with the way I've played lately, very happy.

Q. Coming in, the way you've been playing lately, would you have expected something like this?

TODD HAMILTON: No, because the last two days I've only made two bogeys. Usually I've been making five or six birdies, but I've also made five or six or four or five bogeys, so to only make two bogeys out here, knock on wood, is not something I've been doing.

Q. Were birdies tough to come by out there today?

TODD HAMILTON: Out here, yeah, especially later on the wind kind of picked up. We teed off quite early, and there wasn't much of a breeze. But the back nine, the wind started to blow and it was really hard to get close to the flags.

Q. What did you do well today?

TODD HAMILTON: Compared to yesterday, I drove the ball a lot better, night and day. Went to the range last night, hit some balls and figured a few things out and it seemed to work today. I'm hoping it works the next two days, also.

Q. Was it the accuracy or --

TODD HAMILTON: Accuracy, yes. And it's funny, I didn't score as good as yesterday. I missed by a shot off yesterday's round, but I felt like I played miles better than yesterday. It's a crazy day, you feel like you play better and you don't shoot as good as a day when you feel like you didn't play very well. Stupid game.

Q. There were times you weren't sure you wanted to play anymore. Are you enjoying this year as much as any?

TODD HAMILTON: Very much so. I always wanted to play, but I didn't know if I'd have the backing, the financial backing, to do it because I floundered for so many years in a row. I went to Japan and played for 12 years. I got a little experience, had some success there, got some money to keep going, and it took me eight tries to get here on the U.S. Tour. I wish it would have happened earlier, but I'm glad it happened.

Q. Do you appreciate it more than some of these guys coming right out of college?

TODD HAMILTON: Very much so, yes, 100 percent more.

Q. Do you look at them and say you have no idea?

TODD HAMILTON: There's guys out here that have never hit a wooden club. I'll be 39 in October. I've played 17 years overseas, sprinkled in a few Tour events here and there just out of college and qualified for some major events, but to play golf outside of your home country for 17 straight years, I never thought I'd do that growing up. I'm kind of glad that it happened, though.

Q. (Inaudible).

TODD HAMILTON: I think confidence-wise, yeah. I can go out there and tell myself that I've done this before, maybe not on a level of a major or a World Golf Championship, but I also had never won on the Tour before. I had won in Japan, not on the level of the Tour. You can only do what you can do. You can't do anything -- I can't go out and tackle Tiger Woods when he's got the three-footer on the last hole. You can only play your best. If you lose, fair enough.

I don't mind losing, as long as I feel I've given it my best. If I go out there just chopping it around and I look back -- losing by three shots, and I look back, man, I wasted -- I had a couple three-putts, a couple easy up-and-downs -- if you play golf that way, it's not fun, but if you do your best and you lose, fair enough.

Q. What do you get out of all of that?

TODD HAMILTON: Patience, a lot of patience. I still am not very patient at times, but I used to be very, very impatient. But playing over there and seeing a lot of odd things on and off the golf course, traveling to a lot of strange lands, eating a lot of strange food really showed me you need to be patient, not only in golf but life. Not everything is a big deal.

End of FastScripts.

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