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August 30, 2014

Jim Furyk


b>Q. Jim, that's the second round of 5-under. Care to talk me through that one?
JIM FURYK: Kind of jump started my day. Started out with five pars, got to 15, drove it down the middle, and it was a full pitching wedge type of shot. I let it drift down to the hole and was able to get that one to go in. 2 on a par-4 is nice. It kind of got me going. Wasn't able to birdie 17 and 18. But turned around and played really well on the front side.

Q. You talk about playing really well. By my count for the last five events prior to this one, you collected 56 under pars. Has there been any key to you to this really hot spell of play?
JIM FURYK: I think my attitude has been good. Yesterday it could have gotten away from me pretty good. I was 3-over through 10. I was really struggling with the putter there for about five or six holes. I had a couple of three-putts, and missed some short ones. I think a lot of it was staying patient and knowing that I could kind of get through it and hit some good shots and make some pars, and get some opportunities to make a couple of birdies. Turned a pretty tough day into 1-over par, and then was able to come out this morning and bide my time. A tough start, 10 through 14 are some pretty tough holes. I was even par. And then on 15 it opened up the flood gates. Actually I was able to make another eagle at No. 2 today.

Q. Wind appears to be freshening, how is the course going out there?
JIM FURYK: You know, the greens are actually quite firm and slick. I think they're a little scary at times. We haven't played greens this quick in a while. The fairways are a touch softer. They firm up in the afternoon, but the golf course is in perfect, pristine shape. In my opinion the fairways and the greens don't match. The greens are a little more lush and soft than the fairways are. And the greens are a little bit firmer and faster.
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