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August 29, 2014

Webb Simpson


Q. How satisfying was that round?
WEBB SIMPSON: It was great. I played solid golf today all day. I think only dropped one shot on the second hole. It's always nice to bounce back after a tough week at the Barclays like I had last week. The game feels good. I made a few putts, which is always nice. I feel great.

Q. This is the critical week, last opportunity for you to impress Captain Tom Watson. What did today do for you in terms of moving forward?
WEBB SIMPSON: You know, I know it's a big week. I know I need a really good, consistent week to show him my game is there. I think it's there. But for someone outside yourself, you need to see results for you to believe that the game is there. So I'm hoping that I can have four good rounds. A lot of other guys are playing great golf right now. Brandt is playing well, Bill Haas is playing well. We'll see what happens.

Q. Is it difficult, because even if you win here this week, it's out of your control.
WEBB SIMPSON: You know, there's a point of freedom that you feel that you can only do what you can do. Whether you get picked or not is in someone else's hands, essentially. I feel good about it. I feel at peace about it. I feel in control of my game.

Q. Great day. 6 birdies, a bogey, 16 of 18 greens. You gave yourself a lot of chances today, didn't you?
WEBB SIMPSON: I did. I hit the ball well. It was unfortunate to bogey 2, the par 5. But other than that, that being my only blemish, I was really satisfied with how consistent I played today.

Q. You had a lot of good putts, too. 34 feet at 16. That was a nice putt.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, that was a big one for me. I felt like I hit a good shot there and it came up short. It's always nice to roll a really long putt. I hadn't really seen a lot of them go in lately from outside 16 feet, so I had a couple today.

Q. I thought today was really a good day for you, one of your better rounds maybe all year?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I hung in there. I kind of kept plodding along, never really got in trouble. Out here you have to hit a lot of fairways. The fairways are generous out here, but still you've got to hit the fairway and I was able to do it today.

Q. I've got to ask the Ryder Cup question, getting tired of answering those questions?
WEBB SIMPSON: I mean, not really.

Q. You had to have a good start. You have to have a good week, maybe, maybe not. How do you approach it this week?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I feel like I have to have a good week. That's obviously how I'm trying to look at it, it's kind of make or break for me. Who knows what he's thinking. He's got a lot of great guys playing well right now. I've got to keep playing well. Keep hopefully being consistent this week and be in top form out there.

Q. (Inaudible.)
WEBB SIMPSON: I think the greens being firm and fast is kind of what did it. And the fairways out here makes it a lot tougher to get the ball near the hole.

Q. The first couple of days in the tournament, do you just have to stay within earshot?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, you really do. There's certainly birdie opportunities, but the scores seem to always come back to you here, except last year. If it gets firm and fast like it was when I won in 2011, par or 1 or 2-under is always a good score. Last year it got really soft, so everybody was taking it pretty low. I think it will firm out more so in the next couple of days, so it's going to play pretty tough.

Q. When you've had success somewhere, like here, if you show up not in the top of your game, what kind of boost can you get mentally or with your game to help you?
WEBB SIMPSON: There's a huge sense of comfort for guys at certain golf courses, and that's kind of the big deal. Wyndham Championship, I always seem to go in there feeling great about the week, no matter how I'm playing, just because I'm comfortable with the course. And that's kind of the same way here. Certain courses you see the tee shots better. You see the reads better. And I feel that way here. I always have.

Q. When that's the case, do you come here, no matter how you're playing, expecting to play well?
WEBB SIMPSON: You know, I feel like you need a few pieces of the puzzle to play well. Your game has got to be in good form. You've got to be comfortable. And you've got to be in good health, and all that kind of stuff. And that's just one of the pieces that's pretty essential, because it's kind of an intangible. So, yeah, I think it definitely helps. I think if you're not playing well, it definitely makes you feel like a little relief as opposed to showing up at a course that you don't like and you're not playing well.

Q. How refreshing was it to play in temperatures in the lower 70s?
WEBB SIMPSON: It's nice. I'm used to high 80s or early 90s. And today it was perfect. The ball was rolling a little shorter this morning, but as the sun came out and it got a little warmer, the ball started going where it should have.

Q. A question you're probably sick of it, does this feel like an audition this week for the Ryder Cup? Is that kind of the mindset you have?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, a little bit. I feel like there's honestly seven to 10 guys who can make the team still. And I know I've got to have a good week, for him to pick me, for the most part. It's in the back of my mind, but you can't control it. I can't control what he's going to do. Hopefully I keep playing well.
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