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August 29, 2014

Henrik Stenson


Q. Not the finish you wanted there, but just comment overall about your 70 today?
HENRIK STENSON: I was playing average to awful. Somewhere in between there. Hit two good shots, birdied both of those, which was kind of keeping the round in red figures. And I actually had a good chance there on the last two to turn it into a good round. But three bunker shots rarely helps the scoring. And I don't know if anyone knows if they changed the sand a bit the last year. I was kind of under that impression. More sand in the bunkers, because I hit a 3-wood in the Pro Am that plugged in the cross bunkers on 7, and that's not normal. I don't remember if it was that way last year, but there's quite a lot of sand in the bunkers.

Q. Is the course playing more difficult than in previous years?
HENRIK STENSON: I hadn't played this that many times. I played it back in '07, and obviously last year, I think that's about it. I haven't been here more than three times. And last year was so wet and the greens were very receptive. Today it's a little firmer at times. It feels like it's firm underneath, but the top layer is still pretty soft and you've still got to watch your spin with a shorter club. It just seems like the wind is swirling around quite a lot, and that makes it play harder, because nobody is really making a huge push on the scoring side.

Q. You've talked about your strong desire to be able to defend. How much pressure are you putting on yourself?
HENRIK STENSON: No, I mean it's more about feeling like I'm getting somewhere with my golf. And I felt like I made some good improvements leading into the PGA. And I played well there. And I got somewhere at the Barclays, and played quite all right. I'm just borderline all the time, to how much can you put on in terms of practice and how much rest you need. And I'm balancing on borderline all the time I feel. Now I had four days in between the tournaments. And I practiced one day, had one day off, and two full days of commitments the other days. I'm just not playing great. And I'll try to improve on that. The biggest one in my sights is Ryder Cup, and that's in three weeks' time. So that's why I want to kind of get my game together.

Q. (Inaudible.)
HENRIK STENSON: The first one wasn't great, because it was side slope. And I had to tier it probably about ten yards, and it's heaps of sand. Like I said, I don't know what they've done differently, but I feel like something has been -- they've put more sand in the bunkers and I didn't get it out. And the next one I kind of left it in there and the third one wasn't much better. I don't think any pros likes when you've got about six or seven inches of heavy sand to play through, and if you hit a poor bunker shot it becomes nothing out of it. I did well in the end to hole a 7-footer for the bogey, really.
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