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August 28, 2014

Hugh Freeze


OLE MISS テや 35

HUGH FREEZE:テつ Real proud of our defense and special teams.テつ I thought they really came to play and played with great passion and energy.テつ Offensively we was totally out of sync the entire first half and never could‑‑ always were behind the chains because of‑‑ they're a good defense, but we also hurt ourselves quite a bit.
We've got a lot to get cleaned up, but at the end of the day, we beat a good football team tonight, and we're excited to be going back 1‑0.テつ We're thankful to Chick‑Fil‑a and all they do for college athletics and everybody associated with the bowl who does a phenomenal job with this Kickoff Classic.テつ We're honored that we could represent our conference in this this year and come away with the win.

Q.テつ It seemed like Boise State was getting some pressure up the middle.テつ Assess your offensive line's performance and what you need to work on moving forward.
HUGH FREEZE:テつ Well, you hate to say too much until you watch the film.テつ I thought we protected Bo pretty well until a couple times in the second half, but again, it's hard to play when you're behind the chains with so many penalties.テつ They were definitely committed to stopping the run.テつ They were going to make us throw to beat them, and they're pretty good up front, and the movements, and we had some noise issues that I didn't prepare our team for, obviously.テつ I've got to watch the film and see how we did.テつ We were able to run it a little bit in the second half, and they did get some pressure on us at times for sure.

Q.テつ You came into the game wondering what they were going to do on defense.テつ Now that the game has been played, was it kind of similar to what you thought, or‑‑
HUGH FREEZE:テつ No, it was quite a bit‑‑ a little different than kind of we expected them to play, mostly four‑down, and they played a ton of three‑down and played some different stuff into the boundary that really gave us some problems early on.

Q.テつ Several times your defense had some really big hits, specifically Tony Conner.テつ Can you talk about his performance and what he means to this team?
HUGH FREEZE:テつ Oh, Tony is a really good football player and he's got a great football IQ.テつ To be a second‑year player, we're definitely glad we have him, and he played a solid game.テつ Again, haven't watched the film.テつ I know he got a great pick one time and a couple powers on that goal line that they ran he really spilled and did a good job with his assignment, but he's a really good football player.

Q.テつ Can you talk about Serderius, losing him and the guys stepping up, and what were your thoughts on that hit once they reviewed it?
HUGH FREEZE:テつ I never saw it, but I mean, I think the officials surely when they go review it, they get it right on something like that.テつ You know, we had one our first year, and I don't think we had any last year.テつ It's something we coach, and we've got to continue to coach.テつ You cannot go high, you've got to lower your target.テつ It really hurt us.テつ I mean, without Denzel, he's sitting on the sideline, then he goes down, and then Keith cramps up, and I've got to take my hat off to a walk‑on, Tayler Polk, played his guts out and made some plays for us.テつ We were thin there at that time.

Q.テつ How did you feel that Bo rebounded after those first‑half interceptions?
HUGH FREEZE:テつ Yeah, I'm looking forward to breaking the film down and seeing.テつ Obviously two of the three interceptions just were a bit unbelievable to us because they weren't even in his progression on the route, and he'll be the first to tell you that, and he knows that.テつ So it was a bit amazing.テつ He was a little out of sync, but I thought he really played well in the second half for sure.

Q.テつ How important were those two stops when they got inside the 5?テつ It looked like those were the points where your defensive line really asserted itself and you have a couple corners crashing down and tracking some guys down in the backfield?
HUGH FREEZE:テつ Yeah, those stops in the red zone.テつ We talk about winning the critical areas, and those are 3rd down, 4th down and red zone, and had our defense not won those critical areas tonight, we were fighting an uphill battle for sure, but those were big stops.

Q.テつ Could you talk about how Cody Core won the starting job at slot and how he performed tonight?
HUGH FREEZE:テつ Cody absolutely, coming out of spring ball, we had a guy in front of him, and Cody just went out and won it in fall camp, and that's the great thing about life, man, competition that you can thrive on and have an opportunity to compete, and he went and won it.テつ I thought he played really, really solid tonight.テつ Again, without watching the film, but that was an explosive play that he made on the slant, and he made some other good plays early on.テつ So real happy for him.テつ He's been through some tragedy, losing his mom, and going through that is difficult for a young man.テつ I can only imagine.テつ And to see him succeed, really happy for him.

Q.テつ I came in late.テつ Would you assess the offense for us?
HUGH FREEZE:テつ Awful, hard to watch for two and a half quarters, and then got in a decent rhythm there the last part of the game, found a way to score enough points to win, give him credit for that.テつ Just we never could get any sync because we were behind the chains the whole time with I don't know how many penalties on offense, but too many for sure.

Q.テつ You talked about finding a rhythm offensively.テつ Sometimes is that rhythm found by simply having guys make a big play?
HUGH FREEZE:テつ Yeah, at the end of the day players have to make plays for sure, and if we don't throw those picks in the first half we probably get some points somehow.テつ They were committing so many people to the run, we had some things that‑‑ one of the picks I know we had a guy running wide open down the field, and if we don't get those, it might be a different game, but we did.テつ We didn't make the plays at that time, and I've got to figure out why, if I'm not coaching it well enough or our coaches aren't coaching it well enough, and we certainly have to eliminate the penalties.

Q.テつ The fourth quarter touchdown to Treadwell where Wallace went to him basically two times in a row‑‑
HUGH FREEZE:テつ The two fades?テつ It was the only two times all night I believe we had a pass called and caught them in man coverage, and that's what we like to do if we catch them, but the rest of the night they really did a great job of either giving the corner help with dropping the end out into the boundary underneath it and letting the corner play soft or being in some two‑high stuff.テつ We caught them in man or at least single high.テつ I don't know if it was man.テつ They're basically the same when it comes to a receiver and a corner, but we caught them in single high, and we like our chances with Laquon.

Q.テつ I'm sure you already addressed this, but can you evaluate Bo's first half and what he did better in the second half?
HUGH FREEZE:テつ Well, the first half it was‑‑ he's our guy, but he did some things that he will tell you, two of them were not even part of his progression.テつ They were totally not a part of the route, and I don't know if he's pressing too hard with so much that's‑‑ how many times has the question been asked about how is Bo Wallace and what do you expect of him.テつ He wants to do so well and have such a great year, and maybe he just had‑‑ and we were always behind the chains, and I'm sure he felt that we've got to press a little bit.
So he obviously didn't play his best.テつ I thought he settled in the second half and played pretty good.

Q.テつ Senquez Golson, how key was he?テつ He had some big hits, a big pick, an interception for you.テつ How key was he tonight and how key will he be going forward?
HUGH FREEZE:テつ Yeah, I thought our defense played physical and hit and ran to the ball, and Senquez is a big part of our defense.テつ He's a guy that we feel like we can put to the field and have a chance at winning a lot of one‑on‑ones.テつ I'm real proud of him more so just how he's matured and handled the transition with our core values and things.テつ He had a phenomenal camp, is just trying to lead and do things right, which is a bit of a change for him.テつ He's always been a good player, now I'm real proud of everything he's developing into, but very important to us as a field corner.

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