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August 28, 2014

Jennifer Song


Q.テつ Great round today, especially the way you finished, huh?
JENNIFER SONG:テつ Yes.テつ I had a wonderful day today.テつ I was making a lot of putts out there, and then my short game was pretty sharp, so I didn't have a lot of long birdie putts.テつ Most of them were tap‑ins.テつ So I just played great today.

Q.テつ How big is that the way you finished draining that long putt there just off the green?
JENNIFER SONG:テつ Well, I wasn't expecting to make it.テつ I knew it was going to be a fast putt, so I just told myself to get the pace right and just get it near the proximity of the hole, and it just went in.テつ I just lucked out.

Q.テつ How important is this week for trying to get into the Asia events?
JENNIFER SONG: テつIt's pretty important, but when I came out here, I try not to think about it, because if I think about like trying to get in the Asia events, it's thinking about the future.テつ So just trying to play my own game out there and just be in my zone and take it one day at a time.

Q.テつ What's the key on this golf course out there?
JENNIFER SONG:テつ I think it's important to get it on the fairway first, because there's a lot of tree lines on the side, so you have to be on the fairway so that you have a good attack angle at the green.テつ The greens are pretty small.
So I think tee shot and making GIRs, that's pretty important out here.テつ And obviously putting is very important.

Q.テつ If you end up having the lead going into tomorrow, what would be your strategy?テつ What's your thought process?
JENNIFER SONG:テつ Just same thing as today.テつ Nothing special, just think one shot at a time, trying to get it on the fairway, and if I get it on the fairway, I'll try to get it on the green, then when I get it on the green, I'll look at the options where I need to putt and pick my line and just putt over it.

Q.テつ Suzann won at 20 under here last year.テつ Do you think about how low‑‑ I mean is this a course that you think people can go that low again this year?
JENNIFER SONG:テつ I think it's pretty reasonable score.テつ There is a lot of great golfers out there, so I'm definitely expecting low numbers.

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