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August 24, 2014

Jim Furyk


JIM FURYK:  Yeah, missed the birdie at 1 but was able to birdie 2 and 3.  Obviously driving it in the rough on 4 hurt.  Then ended up‑‑ I thought I hit a good pitch, didn't get up‑and‑down, but I made some great saves.
I made a great save at 5, birdied 6 and I hit it stiff at 7 and 8 and wasn't able to convert and then I 3‑putted 9.  I think that 7, 8, 9 stretch was kind of tough.  It's nice to make a big putt at 10.
Almost birdied 11.  Hit it right at it on 12.  It got over the green and I made a good par.  For the birdie at 13 I felt good and I hit a bad shot at 14 and wasn't able to convert and get the ball up‑and‑down for par.
Today I had too many times where I hit the ball well and wasn't able to make birdie and when I did hit an errant shot, and there weren't that many of them today but there were three or four bad shots, it ended up seeming that I could never find a way to make par, and it was kind of the two things I did well all week was when I hit a bad shot, I found a way to make par and made a bunch of birdie putts and didn't do enough of that today.
Course was set up just a little bit more gettable today than it was on Friday, Saturday.

Q.  These things build, these runners‑up and things like that, and you're getting so close.  I know you said yesterday you kind of learn from each thing.  Is there a common denominator for these things where you just can't punch it in on Sundays, you know what I mean, where you just haven't had that really low round‑‑
JIM FURYK:  I'll be honest with you, I think it's kind of a crappy thing to say.  And the reason I say that is I had three seconds this year with a 65 and a 66 on Sunday‑‑

Q.  That was my point though‑‑
JIM FURYK:  So I don't know how much more you can punch it in, if that makes sense.

Q.  My point was more that‑‑
JIM FURYK:  Canada was‑‑

Q.  You're not putting numbers up‑‑
JIM FURYK:  Canada was a problem, and today I could have ‑‑ obviously, 70, where everyone else is shooting 66 and 68, 70 is not a good score.
I don't know, I feel like every time I go to the press room, I understand the questions coming, and I feel like we're in a morgue.  Like everyone is looking at me with this blank stare and they ask me depressing questions.  And they bring up The Ryder Cup the last time, and we go through Akron and then we go back through, and I leave there like I lost my dog.  It's golf.  I didn't die out there today.  I don't expect anyone to feel sorry for me.  I've played great this year.  I've played very good this year.  I won't say great because I haven't won.
You know, I'm close.  And I'm not going to hang my head and I'm not going to walk away from here.  But I chuckle, every time I leave the media room, because I'm like, it's almost‑‑ everyone expects me to be depressed.  I mean, there's a lot worse stuff going on in the world than me shooting 70 on a Sunday.
I'm disappointed, I will learn from it, and I feel like I'm getting closer.  I played really loose today as far as I was out there joking a lot and I thought I had a great pairing with Jason.  We both were‑‑ but my swing, I wasn't tight.  I wasn't holding on.  I wasn't‑‑ I didn't play conservative.  I didn't make swings where I felt like I was unaggressive.
That's about as loose as I've played in that situation all year.  I got off to the good start which I wanted to do, but in the middle, I'd like to say it was putting, but you know what, I putted my rear end off on the way in.  I hit good putts at 16, 17 and 18, but by that time, you could say maybe some of the pressure was off.  I hit a good putt at 14 that didn't go in.  Hit a good putt at 11 that didn't go in.  Made a clutch putt at 10.  I really can't blame it on putting.  It just didn't add up today.
Like I said, I didn't find a way, when I hit some errant shots, when I hit the bad tee shot at 4; when I 3‑putted 9, it was a bad 3‑putt actually, and it wasn't‑‑ I hit a good second putt and lipped it out and it was a bad first putt.  I hit it a little aggressive and missed it low and hard, which never works on a long breaking putt.
But I never found a way today till the end to get the ball up‑and‑down when I needed to or to make the key par to keep the round going.  And then I had that stall in the middle that I really could have done some damage on like 6, 7, 8, 9; I could have played those holes 3‑under and I played them even, and to me that's a big difference in the day.

Q.  You're not a feel sorry for yourself kind of guy obviously, but human nature is kind of like, when is one of these things going to break for me‑‑
JIM FURYK:  I'm not like chastising the press or the media room.  I understand why y'all ask the questions.  I just‑‑ you know, I guess I want everyone to know that I kind of walk out, and I've even mentioned it, I'm like, God, everyone's‑‑ this is kind of a sad conversation.  I want to walk in there with happy.  I guess I've got to win to do that.  So if and when it happens, I'll have a big smile on my face.

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