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August 24, 2014

Brooke Henderson


Q.テつ You were playing with Laura Davies today.テつ I think you're the youngest in the tournament, she's the oldest.テつ How was it playing with one of the veterans on the Tour today?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ It was awesome.テつ Laura is an amazing player as we all know and such a great role model for everyone coming up to play and one of the best ball strikers I've ever seen in my life.テつ A couple months ago I caddied for my sister in the U.S. Open qualifying and we were paired with Laura there, so I knew her a little bit going in, but it was a real pleasure.

Q.テつ Was this week what you expected it to be?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ It was, for sure.テつ There was tons of support from Canadians and family and friends, and it was such a great experience.テつ This is the first time in three years that I made the cut here, which was definitely a big goal coming in, and I was able to do that.テつ Today was a little bit‑‑ not quite the finish I was looking for, but I mean, to play the weekend here is awesome.

Q.テつ How do you value the experience?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ It's huge, yeah.テつ I've played more LPGA Tour events over the last couple years, and I'm getting more comfortable, and the more weekends I can play, the more experience I really do gain, and I get to know the pros a little bit better and get to play with some new ones and really learn from them.

Q.テつ What happens to you tomorrow?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ Tomorrow I'm flying to California to caddie for my sister in qualifying school for LPGA Tour school and then off to Japan for the World Amateur, and then back to school.

Q.テつ Tough adjustment going back to school do you think?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ It'll be cool and nice to see my friends again and get back to Swiss Falls.テつ It'll be nice.

Q.テつ Have you caddied for your sister before?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ Yeah, I've caddied for her quite a bit, and she's caddied for me lots, so it's nice that we can both return the favor to each other.テつ Yeah, we have a good support system, and we're like best friends, so it's easy to tell it the way it is.

Q.テつ So in Japan, is that a team event, and who are you teamed with for Canada?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ It's the World Amateur Team Championships, so I'm with Augusta James from Bath, Ontario, Brittany Marchand from Orangeville, and myself, and the three of us will go and represent Canada and try to do it well.

Q.テつ How do you think it's going to be?テつ Have you sized up the opposition?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ It'll be tough.テつ 53 countries, I believe, and the top three players from each country, so tough competition, and I'm excited for it.

Q.テつ Do you have one specific favorite moment here or memory?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ This week?テつ There was a lot of great moments.テつ Like I said, a lot of family and friends were out watching, which it was nice to be able to play for them and show them what I can do.テつ Lorie Kane this week was huge for me.テつ She helped me out every day, even like starting on Monday, the practice rounds, I was talking to her, and yesterday ‑‑ she missed the cut on Friday, but she came out and watched me the last five holes, and that support from such a veteran on the Tour and such a role model of mine is amazing.

Q.テつ What did you learn about what it's like to play four days on the LPGA?テつ What is it like by the end of the last day?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ It's cool.テつ Yeah, luckily I've made it to the last four days in all of my LPGA Tour events this year, and like I said, it's a huge learning experience and you learn so much more being able to play the weekend because it is different than the first two days, and you get to play with the best players.テつ It's a great experience, and I'm very grateful to have been in the position.

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