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August 22, 2014

Adam Scott


Q.  How much better could this have been, if you had to put a number on it?
ADAM SCOTT:  Always hard to put numbers on it but six, seven.  I mean, I played the par 5s 1‑over today.  So I could find four there for you, and missed so many 10‑footers it felt like.  I could pick a lot of shots.  I played pretty good tee‑to‑green today, especially out of the fairway.  Hit it close.  Proximity was where you want it to be.

Q.  With the putts, could you skate the 59 number‑‑
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, ifs and buts, but I played well enough if I had it really going on the green today to do that for sure.

Q.  Did the putts feel like good strokes?
ADAM SCOTT:  There were some good ones.  Look, the greens are a little trickier in the afternoon.  They are perfectly smooth in the morning and once the field goes over it --  it's poa; it's just that little bit different.  Your speed's got to be perfect to get that true roll, and most of them were good putts.  Of course some were not.  My putting feels good.  It just wasn't my day today on the greens.

Q.  Coming into this year, I assume you thought you would have a major, maybe two in the end, is that a fair assessment?
ADAM SCOTT:  I would have hoped for that, yeah, I was (laughs).

Q.  Can you reflect a little bit on that, your level of frustration or disappointment that it didn't happen this year and what might not have gone right?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I think I learned a lot out of the major season this year.  I mean, going to defend the Masters was a new experience for me obviously, and I played well for the week bar Saturday.  That's an important day; they are all important.
I played with Jordan on Saturday.  He played a nice round of golf and I played an average one and was too far behind.  And that was kind of story of the year for the rest of the three.  I was too far behind all the time.  I was slow starting and couldn't and didn't keep pace.
       I think we saw guys win on top of their game not looking back, just going forward.  Martin blew the field away and Rory pretty much blew the field away after the finish on Saturday at The Open to open up‑‑ six is a big lead, especially when you're playing like he was.
I think the mind‑set had to change a little bit, and I tried to do that at the PGA but I didn't play very well.  I played some of my worst golf of the year.  So the mind‑set was that you're going to have to attack a little more and not just plod your way around and avoid the big numbers.

Q.  After the major season, some guys can be kind of tired at this time.  You seem like maybe you're a little energized to reboot and finish strong.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, look, last week felt like a quick week off.  I could have done with another one for sure.
But there's so much to play for and for me to be satisfied with the year, I need four really great weeks here, and I'd like to pick up the FedExCup, and I think the only way I can do that is four good weeks.  Then I'll be satisfied with my year.

Q.  Coming in this week with a more relaxed attitude and letting your talent sort of take over, is it extremely pleasing that it has?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, absolutely.  It shows me that I'm thinking about things the right way. 
Obviously I'm trying hard all the time, but sometimes you've got to get out of your own way, even when you're trying to be aggressive.  I've hit a lot of drivers out here today and yesterday and taken some lines across corners that I probably normally wouldn't.
But I'm playing well, so why not.  And just like on the last, instead of a 9‑iron, it opens up a 6‑iron into that hole and take advantage of that.  It's been fun; I think letting the attitude relax a little bit is a way of having more fun out there.

Q.  Your comments before the tournament sounded like you were using Rory's recent success as motivation for yourself.  Is that a fair assessment?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, absolutely.  I think you've got to draw motivation from wherever you can.  And I'm not afraid to say that I look at the way he played and I want that to be me.  And I feel that I can play like that and have runs like that.  You've got to learn from the best and he's one of them.
So look at what he's doing and the way he's going about it is important because it's relevant to the way we all play out here.

Q.  Do you just need to play better, is it the intangible part of playing better or is there something tangible?  Do you want to get No. 1 back or do you want to get to something?
ADAM SCOTT:  It's not that specific.  I think it's more about what's possible.  I mean, you know, to win majors in a month‑‑ we've seen other guys do it, but it doesn't happen very often.  But I think you've got to believe it can just happen a bit more often.
I'd love to get back to No. 1 and I think this is a good stretch of golf for me to try and do that.  But, you know, the standard I'll have to play at is really high.  So it would be great to put myself up in the mix and hopefully have Rory think he's got to look over his shoulder at least for me.

Q.  What was your enjoyment level at No. 1?  Can you take time to enjoy that?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I did.  I really loved it.  It was a unique feeling for sure.  I tried to ham is up the best I could, and I felt proud walking to the golf course every time I did as No. 1.  I enjoyed that whole experience of showing up at tournaments, No. 1 player.  I guess it's inevitable that you'll lose it one day.

Q.  David Duval years ago felt it was a burden; didn't seem like it was a burden on you at all.
ADAM SCOTT:  I didn't take it as a burden but I certainly felt like I put some pressure on myself to perform like a No. 1 and keep that position as long as I could.

Q.  Did it bother you to lose it?
ADAM SCOTT:  Not to golf like what Rory played those few weeks, no.  That's deserving.
I think I've said it before, but I think you need to see the No. 1 player winning frequently, and that was perfect for that, every week (laughing).  I think in that sense, the rankings were very accurate.

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