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August 22, 2014

Lorie Kane


Q.  How would you categorize your two days here?
LORIE KANE:  Some good parts and some really not so good parts.  I think I played pretty solid.  Just today not very good off the tee.  I was in the fairway and then made a stupid swing on 13 to make a bogey there.  When I did have some momentum going, I just didn't seem to capitalize on anything.
The golf course was in great shape.  The greens probably this afternoon were a little slower than yesterday, but that's to be expected.  Beautiful conditions, and unfortunately my game just didn't stack up to where it needed to be.

Q.  You have a great love affair here with the London Hunt and Country Club, and good friends with Tim McKeiver.  Could you talk about the crowd support here?
LORIE KANE:  It's very good.  From Timmy and his staff at the shop, to the wait staff here at the Hunt Club.  They're treating us like royalty this weekend.  The staff that prepares this golf course needs to be commended.  I encourage everybody to tune into the YouTube video from here because that just shows you what they do.  A very fast forward version, but they've worked really hard to get this golf course in shape.
I was here in June, and everybody was a little bit nervous.  I had full confidence that they would get it done, and it's absolutely wonderful.

Q.  Little fist pump at number 17.

Q.  You fought right to the end?
LORIE KANE:  I did, and I said to Danny on the tee, that club selection I would normally have hit my 5‑hybrid, which is like a 4‑iron.  And I knew if I was going to do anything, I needed to make a 1, and came pretty darn close.  I clubbed up and gripped it down and cut in a nice little 4‑hybrid and made the birdie, so I feel like I've contributed a little bit to the cause.

Q.  You mentioned there that Hunter Harrison who several years ago stepped in when BMO had to bow out.  I don't know if he's rescuing the tournament but keeping it going with good prize money.  How important is that?
LORIE KANE:  It's extremely important.  Hunter came in in 2006 with the former company and they did wonderful things.  We started here in London, and it is appropriate that we're back with the CEP Team to continue moving forward with Children's Charities.  That's Mr.Harrison's main objective along with helping support women's golf.  Both companies, the prior and the current, are very good corporate ambassadors in this country, and I've had the privilege of being with both of them.
But getting back home with Mr.Harrison, I've learned a ton from him, and will continue to learn lots from his people.  We can be thankful because I'm not quite sure that women's golf or golf in general could get the support that it has gotten to the level it's gotten.  We play a second tournament here in this country and it's very good, Manulife, another great company.  But this has been the leader, and Golf Canada and all that they're trying to do in promoting amateur golf, the young pros campaign, I think it's only going to make everything better.

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