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August 21, 2014

Magdalena Rybarikova


7‑5, 0‑6, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Can you talk about what you did after the second set to get yourself back in.
MAGDALENA RYBARIKOVA:テつ Well, I have to say it was very, very tough match for me because today I kind of didn't feel anything.
Normally my weapons are forehand and the serve.テつ Forehand today didn't work at all.テつ I didn't have it.テつ I wanted to make a winner.テつ I just didn't feel it at all.
And serve, I have to say, she was returning amazing.テつ I mean, it was maybe one of the best return I played against.テつ Maybe Kvitova is one of the best, but it was amazing how she was returning today.テつ I didn't serve bad, but she was, I mean, making so much points, making me all the time play on my serve, so it was so difficult for me.
All the match was very tough for me.テつ In the second set I lost it in the beginning, then I could not come back.テつ I was really struggling also the way I felt.テつ I felt really tired and kind of without energy.
Yeah, I didn't tank the second set after, but I was trying to think about the third set because I didn't feel I have too much energy.テつ I knew if I had 4‑0, I don't have that much power to come back.テつ I was trying, again, to focus on the third set.
Kind of put myself together, and I kind of did it.テつ I was just fighting.テつ Today I was really fighting, trying to somehow make her play worse, to make her to make more mistakes than me.テつ It kind of works.
But, yeah, I was really lucky this match, I have to say.

Q.テつ You broke serve to win both sets you won.テつ Talk about the mental process there.テつ She had some trouble with her serve, especially in the third set.
MAGDALENA RYBARIKOVA:テつ Exactly.テつ If she would serve better, or if she would not give me that many free points, maybe some double‑faults...テつ I was lucky she made some double‑faults.テつ She was also very nervous when she was serving and I saw it.テつ She was struggling with her serve.
Yeah, I just kind of could not find my game today, I could not.テつ I'm happy I managed to win.テつ I was fighting.テつ I'm glad I didn't say, It's not working, lose 6‑1, 6‑1, go home.テつ I was trying something all the time, fighting, running after every ball, trying to somehow win this match, and I did.

Q.テつ Probably going to make some highlight shows with the behind‑the‑back backhand.
MAGDALENA RYBARIKOVA:テつ Actually, I thought it was out, the serve, so I was not playing.テつ Then it was in.テつ I thought it was out.テつ I could take a challenge for out.テつ But, yeah, you are not used to take a challenge like opposite.テつ So I played the shot like with the reflex.
I know this shot very well.テつ I do it many, many times on the practice season.テつ All the girls, they already know me.テつ I doing it with the volleys.テつ This is kind of like my favorite shot.テつ I did it few matches already, this shot.テつ Kind of sometimes I do this.

Q.テつ Even though you felt a little bit off today, you've had some great wins this week.テつ How are you feeling overall?テつ Obviously excited about being in the semifinals here.
MAGDALENA RYBARIKOVA:テつ That's for sure.テつ That's for me amazing to be in the semifinal of such a big tournament with such a great players.テつ When I saw the draw and the players, it was like crazy.テつ Everybody laughing that this tournament is tougher than Grand Slam.テつ In Grand Slam you have players you can play.テつ This is like every player is so difficult to play.
Yeah, I had very tough draw.テつ Second round against Halep.テつ I won that match, which obviously I played much better.テつ I was very happy the way I played that match.テつ Everything was better at that time.
Of course, it's much easier to play against somebody who you are more relaxed, anything to lose.テつ But now maybe some people are expecting, maybe I was a little bit expecting from myself, that now I'm not playing against Halep, I'm playing against Riske, it's really a chance to be in the semifinal.テつ That's maybe also why the way I played today maybe nervous and didn't feel that well, because I felt the pressure that I could be in the semifinal.
I beat her actually three weeks ago 6‑1, 6‑2, really very easy.テつ It's just different.テつ Yeah, the brain is working suddenly.

Q.テつ Seven of the top eight seeds are out.テつ Are you surprised with the way the draw has unfolded?
MAGDALENA RYBARIKOVA:テつ Yeah, I mean, I would not be surprised, but Giorgi is playing amazing, what I saw.テつ What I have to say, she's really playing good.テつ I saw her record against Wozniacki.テつ She actually had 1‑All, now 2‑1 leading.テつ I think she likes playing against Wozniacki, and Wozniacki don't like to play against her.
It's very tough to play against Giorgi because she's hitting very hard the ball.テつ If she's playing good, it's very tough to beat her.テつ So she's probably playing very good.

Q.テつ Just overall, are you surprised?
MAGDALENA RYBARIKOVA:テつ Yeah, of course it's surprise.テつ But now it's little bit different, you know.テつ It's not like maybe 10 years ago when the top players are like all the time semifinal and quarterfinal.テつ Now every player, if it's 80, if it's 100, 70, they can beat the top‑10 player.テつ It's just so different now.
Yeah, I'm a little bit surprised, but it's not amazing surprised.テつ Some players can play amazing.

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