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August 21, 2014

Hunter Mahan


Q.  Can you talk about why Ridgewood suits your game?
HUNTER MAHAN:  This is kind of an old school golf course.  It's a place you've really got to think your way around.  Got to hit it well.  You can't get lucky off the tee.  You have to putt the ball in play and the greens are big enough to where you can hit a lot of greens and give yourself some good looks but you have to have good speed because they are running pretty fast.

Q.  What was working well for you today, overall game?
HUNTER MAHAN:  Yeah, a little bit of everything.  You know, irons, I put the ball on the green, gave myself a lot of good looks.  The greens are rolling really, really well to where you can make a lot of putts if you get them on line and have the right speed.  I was able to do that today and kind of make it easy on myself because the rough is pretty penalizing and it's pretty thick in a lot of areas.

Q.  Does it feel softer playing in the mornings?
HUNTER MAHAN:  Absolutely.  The greens are fantastic.  Third off, I had great greens for basically the whole day.  I know we got a little bit of rain but you really couldn't tell.  There's a few that were close to having some mud balls but the ball was clean most the day and greens were holding and pretty receptive.

Q.  Is there any carryover from 2008, I know you had the course record does that help?
HUNTER MAHAN:  No.  I wish it did but it doesn't really help my round at all.  But like I said this is a place I do like coming to.  It's a course that suits me.  You've got to hit it well off the tee.  You've got to putt it on the greens.  You can't be banging it off the trees and hitting out of the rough.  You just won't survive on this golf course.

Q.  The Playoffs begin and you're in the house at 5‑under par, your thoughts on how you played today, good stretch, three birdies in a row at 15, 16, 17?
HUNTER MAHAN:  Yeah, we've got great weather.  The course is in impeccable shape so you can make a lot of putts.  I hit it solid today off the tee.  I got a good run there at the end.  There's some opportunities there to make birdies today for sure with some of the holes being a little bit shorter and you can attack them.  Like I said the greens are rolling so true right now, you can make almost anything.

Q.  Guys were talking about the rough; how much trouble is it?
HUNTER MAHAN:  It's extremely thick.  Even if you think you have a decent lie, it's going to be challenging and so you have to be aware of that and aware of where you want to hit your next shot to attack the pin, because they could be tucked, and the greens are getting a little bit of bounce to them.

Q.  You were seventh at the PGA Championship; good things going on in the game?
HUNTER MAHAN:  It's been pretty good for a while and just finally getting some results, making a few putts and getting up‑and‑down there.  Game feels good and confidence is high.

Q.  Did the course soften up any for you guys today?
HUNTER MAHAN:  Maybe a little bit.  But like I said the course drained extremely well. 

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