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August 16, 2014

Webb Simpson


Q.  Webb Simpson, another nice round of 66.  Your caddy says you haven't been making anything the first three rounds.
WEBB SIMPSON:  It was a good ball striking today like the 1st Round.  You know, I bogeyed 11 but then made three birdies coming in which is big for me, kind of to stay in the golf course for tomorrow.  That was kind of the goal today was to play good enough to have a chance tomorrow and that's what I did.

Q.  Talk coming up about the Ryder Cup, not in right now but looking forward to be a participant in 2014.  Captain Watson, has he talked to you yet about what you need to do in the next three, four weeks to get on that team?
WEBB SIMPSON:  We've talked a little bit.  I think you know given my position, you know, being whatever I am, 15th in points I got to put together a few good weeks to show him that I'm ready to play and, you know, I'm good enough to be a pick.
I texted with him a little bit telling him how bad I want to make the team and these next three weeks really mean a lot and matter a lot to me.  I feel like if I put together three really good golf tournaments, you know, it will be tough for him not to pick me.

Q.  Kind of the day we thought we would see on a Saturday, lot of guys making some birdies including you.  Your thoughts on how you played and now you're in at 11-under.
WEBB SIMPSON:  I played solid overall.  I eagled 5 and didn't make a whole lot on the front but then made three birdies coming down the last 6 holes which was big for me to stay in the golf tournament.
I played with the leader.  He's playing good golf.  I have to go out tomorrow and try to stay focused and shoot another low number.

Q.  Where can you hit it on 18 to try to get it close?  A great save to finish.  How difficult is 18?
WEBB SIMPSON:  We had 200 yards on a downhill lie, to hit it to an elevated green on a top tier.  I'm glad we got the pin out of way today.  Tomorrow it will be a little easier.

Q.  Huge galleries pulling for you, probably some folks from Charlotte and this area.  How much does that help as you go in the final round?
WEBB SIMPSON:  It's great.  I love hearing cheers for me and for Demon Deacons.  It's fun out there.  Lot of friends and family here and it's always nice to come back here and see everybody's support.

Q.  I talked to Brad.  He's probably 20-under tomorrow.  Who knows.  Is that the mindset going into the last 18?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I think so.  We're going to have good weather again.  The ball is going to be going a long ways.  Some -- I thought the pins were tougher today.  Hopefully tomorrow they'll be a little more accessible and I'm going to need a low one to contend.

Q.  You named your latest child Wyndham.  Maybe you can celebrate tomorrow with her.
WEBB SIMPSON:  That would be great.  I would love that.

Q.  You're in.
WEBB SIMPSON:  My goal today was to come out and just shoot a number that would keep me in contention for tomorrow and I did that.  You know the three birdies I made on the last 6 holes were big for me.  After bogeying 11, I was kind of falling back a little bit.  Finish strong and hopefully tomorrow I can make a few more birdies.

Q.  Brandt was saying it might take 6, 7-under tomorrow to win this thing.  Talk about the excitement of knowing that you have to really post a really good number to win.
WEBB SIMPSON:  It's great.  I think it takes pressure off knowing that all the guys around 10, 11-under have to go out and shoot a really low number.  It's not like we're going out trying to hang on to the lead.  Even Brad, he's got to go out and make some birdies, too.
It will be nice weather I think again tomorrow.  Hopefully I can get it going a little earlier today -- or earlier tomorrow than I did today.

Q.  Do you like being the hunter or the huntee at this point is the?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Either way.  I mean you want to be as many under as you can possibly be on a course like this.  So, you know, hopefully I'll stay 2 back going into tomorrow and I'll tee off a little closer to the leaders.  I'll know a little more of what's going on.

Q.  Webb, it's a North Carolina tournament.  You see so many North Carolina guys doing well.  What about that?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Anytime local guys are in contention it makes it more exciting for the fans.  Today I never played with Brad before but I think he was having a lot of fun out there and hopefully tomorrow we'll get some more fans coming out supporting us.

Q.  Can you talk about the eagle on 5?
WEBB SIMPSON:  5-iron to 8 feet behind the hole.  If you miss it left you can't get your next shot close.  It was kind of the jump start of my round.  I was able to make that one and get it going a little bit from there.

Q.  With so many guys in contention, do you do any scoreboard watching as you're playing?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Not much today.  Tomorrow I will in the back-9 just to see what's going on.  My caddy, he's always kind of paying attention.  You know, we played so many tournaments now we know kind of where we stand for the most part.  So, I'll be looking a little bit kind of around the turn and starting the back-9 tomorrow.

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