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August 15, 2014

Lexi Thompson


Q.  Almost feel like a battle out there between you two but you still managed to get to par and stay in this thing?
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah, today was a little more difficult than yesterday.  Just didn't hit it as well, but I did make a lot of good putts today, so I'm going to take a positive out of it and go to the range for a little bit after and prepare for the weekend.

Q.  Talk about the wind and placement today?
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah, well, the wind has been picking up every day out here, even in the practice rounds it was blowing a good 15 miles per hour.  So it's expected going into every day.  But some of these pin locations today were a lot more difficult to get to.  So I'm expecting them to get harder as the week goes on.

Q.  You have big names at the top of the leaderboard now including last year's champion.  Do you like this type of leaderboard with these names up there?
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah, it's a great leaderboard so far.  I'm just focusing on my game right now, focusing one shot at a time and see where it goes.

Q.  Just kind of your mindset knowing that you need to play well just to kind of keep pace because you know somebody's maybe ahead of you or behind you could get hot and really jam things up?
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah, well of course, in any tournament you know you have to play well each day because there are so many great players out here.  They're the best in the world.  So you have to shoot under par especially out here.  It seems like a few under is a good score on this golf course each day.  So just got to focus one shot at a time, and hopefully I'll play like I did yesterday.

Q.  Brittany said a moment ago she'd rather be one shot behind than one shot ahead.  You're 3‑behind her.  Do you feel you have an advantage because the pressure's not on you going into tomorrow or Sunday?
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah, I'd say I definitely feel that way.  I have nothing to lose, go for it tomorrow and play aggressive.  I hit driver on every hole out here, so just hopefully my irons hold up for me like they did yesterday.

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