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August 15, 2014

Brian Stuard


Q.  Nice playing, great job.  Brian, you can't get off to a much a better start than you did, 5-under after the first five holes including an eagle at No. 5.
BRIAN STUARD:  The start was nice.  I made a couple really long putts that I was very fortunate to make which helped out but it's nice to play well.

Q.  You know, some folks might be surprised to see you at 48 in the FedExCup Points.  You've had a very consistent season.
BRIAN STUARD:  I started off the season really well.  I haven't played well lately but nice to hopefully get things turned around going into the end of the year.

Q.  Feeling for the weekend here at Sedgefield?
BRIAN STUARD:  I feel good.  I like the golf course.  I seem to have a good feel for the greens.  I'm looking forward to it.

Q.  Good luck to you.
BRIAN STUARD:  Thank you.

Q.  One better than yesterday from Brian Stuard, 5-under, 65.  Very solid day.  You put your head on your pillow tonight and you're looking at what could have been 5-under for the first five holes?
BRIAN STUARD:  Maybe a little bit.  I started off the round putting really well.  Made a couple really long ones which was nice.  Then I let a couple slip there through the middle of the round but I finished well.  It was nice.

Q.  What has been clicking for you so well this week?
BRIAN STUARD:  This week I think it's just, you know, I feel like I'm scoring.  I feel like I've been playing well, just not getting the scores.  This week I'm going with 66, 65.

Q.  Thursday and Friday, first half of this tournament.  Now you move into the weekend, first page of the leaderboard.
Anything change for you mentally considering the position you're in?
BRIAN STUARD:  You know, not really.  I think I'm just excited to play a couple good rounds and get myself back up there.  It's been awhile having been.  I haven't been playing very well lately.  Looking forward to the weekend and see what happens.

Q.  Brian, 9-under par through two rounds.  Really good playing.  Just get some comments on your round out there today.
BRIAN STUARD:  Started off really nice.  5-under through 5 and made a couple really long putts then kind of got a little still there during the middle of the round but then I finished strong.  It was nice.

Q.  How do you feel about the rest of the weekend?
BRIAN STUARD:  Looking forward to it.  It's nice to get myself into contention again.  So, looking forward to see what happens.

Q.  What's your game plan?
BRIAN STUARD:  Same thing.  Going to hit a lot of drivers around here, trying to get it down there as far as I can and try to hit some greens and make some putts.

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