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August 14, 2014

William McGirt


MARK STEVENS:  I'd like to welcome William McGirt.  William, got to it to 6-under today in the 1st Round.  So tell us about the course and what was going well for you this morning.
WILLIAM MCGIRT:  The course dried out a bunch overnight.  Didn't have near the mud balls it had yesterday.  Kind of started out slow.  Bogeyed 1 and 3 and I don't really know where it turned around and why it did but played pretty well the last 12 holes and hit my irons really well.
I made -- make a 10-footer and about a 30-footer on the last hole.  Everything else seemed to be 6 or 8 feet.  Good ball striking day.
MARK STEVENS:  Course conditions, it dried up a little over night?
WILLIAM MCGIRT:  The fairways dried out a bunch.  Greens were firming up.  They keep going, they're going to be rough, hard by Sunday but playing really well.  If you drive it in the rough you can get some that sit way done and came out just completely dead or you can catch the super-flyer that goes for two hours.
MARK STEVENS:  Questions?

Q.  Can you talk about what's been going on since Hilton Head and what's happened to turn it around?
WILLIAM MCGIRT:  Honestly, I have no idea.  If I did I would have turned it around a long time ago.  Yeah.  I've been working on some changes with my golf swing.
I feel like I understand what I'm trying to do now.  It's just -- I need more reps.  I told Brandon early on in the round some of the loose shots I hit I said I know what I'm doing, it's just a matter of trusting it at this point.  I'm starting to get more comfortable with it.  It's just going to take some time.

Q.  William, are you surprised at all that the scores aren't lower?  6-under is pretty strong but with the course conditions?
WILLIAM MCGIRT:  I mean no.  I'm surprised there were -- the scores were quite as good as they are.  These greens are tricky and they're really firming up.  I'm surprised with the amount of rain we had over the weekend they're this firm.
Yesterday I went out there -- I didn't play Monday or Tuesday -- and hit one into 10 starting out.  It lands ten paces on the green, didn't even think about stopping.  I'm thinking okay, with all the rain we've had this could get interesting by the weekend.
You're rewarded for good shots but you drive it in the rough and you're going to have some trouble.  Because it's soft enough in front it's not bouncing up.  That's the key.  If the greens are that firm you can bounce it up.  That's one thing.  But it's soft enough it's going to stick in front and you can't really chase anything up.

Q.  There are a lot of guys on the bubble coming into this week.  You're not one of them.
What were your goals heading into this week as you go and look forward to The Playoffs?
WILLIAM MCGIRT:  Kind of funny.  Brandon and I were talking yesterday, our goal is to play four rounds this week.  I never played all that well here.  Just to be able to get four rounds of competition again.  I'm coming off of two weeks off.
Yesterday was my first round that I played since Sunday at Canada.  So, it was pretty close to full two weeks off.  You know, if I can give myself a chance to win the golf tournament it will be great.  My secondary goal is to get enough points where I secure two playoff events.  How many I need to make, I don't know.  Play well, kind of take care of itself.

Q.  Just kind of following up on that, you talk about how your game is still a work in progress but you have secured your card for next year.
Is there a sense of contentment or ever a moment of celebration or anything like that, or are you at the point in your career where you're kind of looking above that?
WILLIAM MCGIRT:  Well, I would say after Hilton Head, I come pretty close to locking my card up then.  I kind of relaxed a little bit and I won't say I didn't put the work in but I wasn't as focused on the work I was putting in.
So, going forward from basically the U.S. Open on, I really tried to buckle down and get back into it.  I had gotten sloppy with some things and, like I said, now it's just a matter of continuing to work on what I'm doing with my swing and trusting it.

Q.  You mentioned couple weeks off.  Did you play at all or did you practice?

Q.  You didn't do anything.
WILLIAM MCGIRT:  I didn't -- my clubs didn't come out of the travel case until I think Tuesday of last week.  I went down to Charleston to work with my teacher for a couple days.  I wheeled them in.  I got home Monday morning and they stayed there.

Q.  Is that hard to do when that's what you do for a living?
WILLIAM MCGIRT:  Yeah, it's tough to do but at the same time when you know you're tired and you need to rest -- and a lot of people ask me all the time where do you play at home, this and that.  I tell people I really don't play at home.
I really -- I think I figured up I played 7 rounds in four years on Tour when I was at home.  So, you know, I really just -- I go home and try to relax and spend time with the family and, you know, I'll go out and hit balls, do some chipping and putting but it's not -- I mean I love to play golf but not that much (laughter).

Q.  The work that you're doing on your swing, is it more fine-tuning or is it significant changes?
WILLIAM MCGIRT:  I mean it's not like a major overhaul.  It's more of get rid of some of the sloppy moves.  I really gotten stuck underneath pretty bad so we're trying to get back on kind on top of it, you know, covering the ball again.
It seems like it would always show up when I start playing well and kind of get under the gun.  It's just trying to tighten that stuff back up and kind of get back to where I was a few years ago.

Q.  Who is your teacher?
WILLIAM MCGIRT:  Danny Stewart.

Q.  Any non-golf highlights from two weeks off?
WILLIAM MCGIRT:  Lot of dirty diapers I got to change (laughter).  No.  We basically spent two weeks around the house and, you know, just kind of relaxed as a family.  Got our garage painted.  Did we do anything else?
MRS. MCGIRT:  Who painted the garage?
WILLIAM MCGIRT:  I had a lot of help.
MARK STEVENS:  Everybody good.  Thanks for your time.

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