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August 14, 2014

Webb Simpson


MARK STEVENS:  Webb Simpson, welcome back to the Wyndham Championship Media Center.  You had a 6-under today.  Kind of talk about your round and what was going well for you and we'll have some questions.
WEBB SIMPSON:  Obviously a great start birdieing the first four.  Just played good, solid golf today.  One of my favorites rounds.  I'm not struggling for pars and, you know, the holes I do make par it's a tap-in and I felt like I was in control of my ball for the first time in a few weeks since the Greenbrier.  That was nice.
Anytime you get middle to low 60s is a good thing especially starting the tournament.  I'm in good shape.  Lot of golf to play.  Pleased with the 1st Round.

Q.  You mentioned coming in you thought you could kind of break out of your funk here.  Is that harder to do than actually say?  Obviously that helped you today.
WEBB SIMPSON:  It's hard, you know.  Buddy of mine texted me about persevering and not pressing and I have a tendency to press to try to make things happen.
When you're not playing well, you have to remember the most important kind of fundamental part of golf for me and that's what I'm working on, right stuff.  I'm getting better.
I've had multiple times in my career where I won't be playing well for a couple months but I know I'm doing the right stuff and I just got to stay patient.  That was nice to see today because, you know, there's sometimes where I'll go out and shoot 4, 5-under 1st Round but I know I'm still off.
Today it felt like I kind of knew what was going on.  Not saying I'm back or I'm going to win this week but there was a difference today of kind of feeling where the golf ball was going to go where it actually went as opposed to a few weeks ago.

Q.  Webb, the one negative thing that seemed to happen, your ball hit a spike mark on 17 on the short putt.
WEBB SIMPSON:  I think somebody drug their feet.  It was about three inches long and normally the ball will kind of pop right over but it got it pretty good and went right.  I told my caddy I should have just kind of jammed it in there.
But, you know, late in the day, it happens, it happens to everybody and, you know, I felt good on the greens today.  I got to forget about it and hopefully make some putts.

Q.  Do you think you might have an advantage now, you go off early tomorrow?  It's probably going to be the same conditions.
WEBB SIMPSON:  Yeah.  I think it's going to be warm enough and calm and greens will be better.  That will be kind of different.  The ball, it's not going to go that much shorter tomorrow because we weren't getting much roll today.  I think later is a good wave this week.

Q.  Webb, after last week, how much is the Ryder Cup on your mind and how important was today's round in that regard?
WEBB SIMPSON:  It's on my mind a little bit but, you know, I can't -- there's so many things I can't control with what the Captain does and how the other guys play, like I said yesterday.
So, it is nice.  I think if I have a good week this week, not just today, but a good week it will show that I really do want to make the team.  I want to make a good argument for myself to be a pick.
So, you know, it's one of those just a good start to like I said yesterday, stretch of three weeks, I need three solid weeks.

Q.  What's the reaction to Tiger taking himself out of consideration?
WEBB SIMPSON:  You know, first and foremost I hope he gets healthy.  We need him out here.  We love him -- we love when he plays well.  It's good for the game, good for us.
You know, I'm hoping that the time he's going to take off will get him back healthy again.  As for me and my chances to be a pick, it's greater now.  I think he was going to be a pick if he was able to play.  So, yeah, it opens up I feel like another spot that wasn't there before.

Q.  What is it about this place that brings out the best in you?
WEBB SIMPSON:  You know, the course is just similar in the way it shapes and the hills and undulating greens to what I grew up playing and I really see the tee shots well, where like Akron I don't see the tee shots that well.  I don't see the lines that well.  Guys feel that way about certain courses out here.  It's just kind of no matter how you're playing coming into certain weeks you feel like you can play well.  That's kind of like how I feel here.

Q.  Totally non-related follow-up, what was the thought process in naming your daughter after this event?
WEBB SIMPSON:  We had three names as a possibility.  My wife really liked the name Wyndham.  We would say to our son, James, and daughter, Willow, which name do you like?  They kept saying Wyndham.
All right, y'all pick.  We named her Wyndham.  I love Winnie.  My dad knew Winnie Palmer, got to know her a little bit and she was loved by everyone and we love the name Winnie as well as a nickname.  Maybe when she gets older she might change it.  That's how it came about.
MARK STEVENS:  Anybody else?  Thanks for your time, Webb.  Good luck tomorrow.

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