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August 14, 2014

J.J. Henry


Q.テつ It's a great way to start this tournament, bogey-free and 4-under for the 1st round.テつ Solid play.
J.J. HENRY:テつ Thank you.テつ It's actually a big week for me in a lot of ways being 130th on the FedExCup.テつ This is my 14th year out here and I've never -- I've never been in this position.テつ It's kind a stressful week.テつ In the same time I am up to the challenge.テつ Great way to state off, bogey-free.テつ I got a lot of good practice in last week.テつ I didn't go to the PGA.テつ I knew coming in exactly what I needed to do and that's go out and play great and so far so good.

Q.テつ You're trying to keep this streak alive with participating in the FedExCup.テつ It appears you're playing some great golf this week so far.
J.J. HENRY:テつ Long way to go, you know.テつ Obviously these guys are good out here.テつ Again, real solid round.テつ It's a tough week and probably I hung in there today and hit some good shots and made some putts.テつ Can't win on the first day but definitely you can lose.

Q.テつ Can you give us an idea of the course here in the 1st round?
J.J. HENRY:テつ Perfect.テつ Perfect.テつ The greens are great.テつ Greens are kind of fast.テつ It's all about really placement on this golf course.テつ You only hit a handful of drivers.テつ Get the ball in the fairway.
There's some long holes but there's some birdie holes out there.テつ You kind of utilize some of the slopes.テつ It's important to get the ball in the fairway so you can take advantage of some of these Donald Ross greens and stuff.テつ You keep the ball in the fairway, keep the ball under the hole you have some pretty good birdie opportunities.

Q.テつ Talk about your game today.
J.J. HENRY:テつ Yeah.テつ Bogey-free, 4-under, 66.テつ Played pretty solid golf today.テつ Obviously it's a great way to start and for me, anyway, for my situation being 130th on the points list, been out here 14 years and never been in this position.テつ Sometimes when you dig deep you know what you got to do.テつ That's exactly what I did today.

Q.テつ Any other opportunities that you can see out there to have more birdies?
J.J. HENRY:テつ You always can.テつ Obviously I hit the ball pretty well.テつ It's not the longest golf course.テつ You keep the ball in play, stay under the hole.テつ Greens are in perfect shape.テつ Kind of fast, you undulating, but you're definitely going to have some chances if you keep the ball in the fairway.テつ I did a pretty good job of that.

Q.テつ Seems like the greens are fast, sometimes really soft.
J.J. HENRY:テつ Yeah, but they're very fast.テつ You get the ball above the hole in different spots again, with all the slopes and undulations on where the pin is you can definitely utilize some of it.テつ If you get yourself on the wrong side you've got a tough two-putt.テつ I've played out here a bunch.テつ I've been here a lot.
I feel like I've got a pretty good feel for the golf course and how to play it.テつ I think the weather is supposed to be perfect.テつ As the golf course continues to dry out it will be even more important to keep the ball in the fairway.

Q.テつ The next two, three days, any idea what could possibly win this?テつ Too early?
J.J. HENRY:テつ Yeah.テつ Probably somewhere in the mid-teens, you know, especially if it starts firming up.テつ Who knows.テつ There's only two par-5s and par 70.テつ It's hard to make a ton.テつ 4-under par is pretty good score out there today.

Q.テつ How do you keep from thinking about the FedExCup?テつ Creep in your mind?
J.J. HENRY:テつ It's not easy.テつ I've been thinking about this for months.テつ I've been in this same position for the last two, three months.テつ I've made 9 of my last 10 cuts, I've finished between 35th and 55th every week.テつ I put myself in that position.テつ It's not a position to be in.
At the same time, it makes you dig deeper.テつ Maybe in the long run it will make me stronger and want it more.テつ Regardless of what happens this week, I'm going to try my best.テつ That's what I did today, I had a great attitude out there.テつ I'm kind of embracing the challenge as opposed to dreading it.テつ At least that's what I'm trying to do.

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