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August 14, 2014

Cristie Kerr


Q.  Difficult to finish in these kind of conditions obviously?
CRISTIE KERR:  Yeah.  I mean it was kind of a long day, you know, starting up late.  And it was getting dark out there and getting colder, so I kind of hung in there.
I hit it bad all day, but managed to put up a good score, so I'm going to go work on my swing with my coach right now and hopefully hit it better tomorrow.

Q.  You'll get some work in.  Obviously you have a quick turnaround.
CRISTIE KERR:  Yeah.  That's why we're doing it out here.

Q.  When you say you hit it bad all day, but you're still just two shots off the lead, do you feel better then knowing you can get better?
CRISTIE KERR:  Yeah.  Definitely.  I mean, you know, to kind of hang in there and just, you know, make pars when I needed to and make the birdies when I‑‑ you know, I hit it closer, you know, it was a good round for me in that respect.  There's no pictures on the score card, but I didn't feel very good all day.

Q.  I know that you won the first major here in Rochester, and I know that there's three rounds to go, but I'm sure you'd like to kind of bookend this thing.
CRISTIE KERR:  Definitely.  It's going to be sad to leave, but hopefully they'll see how much this tournament means to the community and they'll bring it back even if it's not a major.

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