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August 14, 2014

Frederick Wedel


PETE KOWALSKI: We'd like to welcome our first 2014 U.S. Amateur quarterfinalist, Fred Wedel from The Woodlands, Texas. He's a student at Pepperdine and was a 2 & 1 winner over Jimmy Mullen of England. Fred, congratulations, first of all, and if you'll just tell us, what was the key part of the match where things went your way.

FREDERICK WEDEL: Oh, man, the hole that did it was 12. Fortunately, my ball on 10, though, hit the stick and I made birdie to get it back to all-square. I kind of got a gift on 11, but 12, I drove it in the right bunker, laid up and Jimmy had like 230 pin and ended up hitting in the water and that allowed me to go 1-up. So that was definitely the biggest point in the match. Once I had the lead, I wasn't going to give it up.

PETE KOWALSKI: Are you a grinder?

FREDERICK WEDEL: Oh, I love match play. Oh, gosh, so much better than stroke play. You bet to look the person in the eye all day. He mean, it brings out the best in me for sure. Definitely was grinding out there for a while. I didn't have it -- I kept leaving shots out to the right. Chunked a few bunker shots on my second hole alone. But I just found a way to get it done out there today, so feels good.

Q. Physically, how do you feel after a long day like this?
FREDERICK WEDEL: (Sighing) I'm pretty worn out. I'm hungry. I ate at 6:15 this morning, and then ate again at 1:00 and that's about it. So I'm mostly just hungry but -- nice, banana. You know, I'm just going to try and get back tonight and make sure my legs are fresh. Definitely, physically, you get really worn out out there, but you've got to stay mentally sharp and that's really what's most important.

Q. In general, how did you feel about your game coming in here, and are you performing up to the standards you expected?
FREDERICK WEDEL: Yeah, a lot's happened for me this summer. I usually have a bad left miss. I get my hands a little too high and the clubface gets shut and pass inside out. So I sometimes hit snap hooks, but I really have been driving it a whole lot better. I'm working it both ways now, and the biggest thing for me has been my putting. I've grinded out on that and my putting has gotten so much better. I was in a dark place with my putting last fall, so it's nice to finally be out of it and stand over these putts with confidence is huge.

Q. A little off the grid, but I've been out here all week, seeing all these young, skinny golfers. I don't know whatever happened to fat golfers. But how much do you work on conditioning outside of the golf venue?
FREDERICK WEDEL: Oh, man, I've got buddies at home laughing at that question right now. I probably couldn't do 25 push-ups in a row honestly. I work out with the team three days a week. I sometimes work out besides that, but it's really not a big deal to me. I was actually making it a thing of mine to start working out quite a bit this fall, so hopefully I'll put some pounds on.

Q. How much do you weigh?

Q. And what's your waist?

Q. There does seem to be more emphasis on guys trying to get fit, golfers. That seems to be the trend throughout the sport; right?
FREDERICK WEDEL: Right. I mean, anything to gain a competitive advantage. I mean, so many guys now are cut and in shape. I mean, I think it's just the thing now. Once Tiger came on the scene and started working out, I think that's whenever he revolutionized golf and everyone is starting to do it now. I think definitely being out of shape is a disadvantage.

Q. When was your last deep match play run for you?
FREDERICK WEDEL: This is the first match play run for me. I've played match play in school, between school matches. But this is my first run in match play.

PETE KOWALSKI: And where does this -- how you stand at the U.S. Amateur now, where does that stand as far as success? Where do you rank it, what you've done in this championship so far.

FREDERICK WEDEL: It's definitely my best accomplishment, for sure. I mean, U.S. Amateur is the biggest amateur event in the world. I'd rather be in the quarterfinals than win an event for sure. It's just different. It's on a whole other level. No-brainer to me; this is my best accomplishment.

PETE KOWALSKI: And have you been a long-time USGA Championship participant? How many USGA championships have you played in?

FREDERICK WEDEL: No, I played in the 2012 U.S. Junior out of New Hampshire and this is my first U.S. Am.

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