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August 13, 2014

Petra Kvitova


6‑2, 7‑6

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ So what kind of happened out there for you and how do you see that match?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ It's a good question, actually.テつ I have to say number one I'm disappointing how I played today, for sure.
From the beginning I didn't feel very comfortable out there.テつ And I was trying really fight, I just wasn't able to do that today.テつ I'm not pretty sure why.
But that's happened.テつ I mean, I'm glad that I entered New Haven, so I have still a chance to have more matches in my belt before US Open.

Q.テつ Do you feel like you're hitting the ball well in practice?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ Not really (smiling).

Q.テつ Just rhythm or timing?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ Yeah, I feel ‑‑you know, it's different.テつ We change the balls again and the bouncing a little bit higher and everything.テつ It's just a little bit different.テつ A little bit slower court.
So that's the timing.テつ And of course I didn't serve well as well today, so it's never help me.

Q.テつ As you come on to the tour and get experience and get really good and everything else, along the way does it eliminate doubts of what to do on the court, whether you belong with the top players?テつ Does it get better as you go along, or are there still moments where you kind of wonder what's going on?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ I think I can still find moments when I really don't know what's happening out there.
But still when I'm getting older and having more experience maybe I know a little bit more about it, but still it can be day like today, for example, and I really don't know what I'm doing there.
So it's tough to describe.テつ You know, in the beginning of my career when I just was newcomer of the WTA I didn't really care what happened out there, who was on the other side.テつ I just played and I played really aggressive with risk, what I'm still playing, of course.
I mean, I didn't think too much time like in this time, for example.テつ Everything is some positive and negative things, but it's not only in the sport, I think.テつ It's in the normal job and in the life.テつ I have to take it like that.

Q.テつ Do losses like this, do they affect your confidence at all, or do you put aside and it doesn't help, doesn't hurt?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ It will hurt, I think.テつ Of course one thing what I can do is work hard again, and prepare for the U.S.
I think always it's a little bit on your confidence.テつ Doesn't matter how the match is, but still the losses is difficult.テつ I didn't play well also.テつ That's means that I think it's going to affect a little bit my confidence, as well.

Q.テつ Will you have competition between now and the Open, or are you just going to train...
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ I'm playing in New Haven.

Q.テつ It's a tough field in New Haven this year.

Q.テつ It's a tough field in New Haven this year, huh?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ I think it's every year, no?
Yeah, who doesn't want to really be at home and travel, be at home and train.テつ That's the good tournament.テつ It's pretty near to NewYork, so I think a lot of players like to play there.テつ I am one of them.
And in the past years I had good runs there, so I hope that I can really break it and play a little bit more matches.

Q.テつ Is it helpful to you to spend the week before the US Open outside of NewYork and in New Haven where it's a little bit calmer, just, you know, energy‑wise as opposed to just spending it in NewYork and training for the Open?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ Yeah, I did it one time.テつ I was spending one week before the NewYork there, and it was just too much for me.
I'm not really a fan of NewYork, so it's too much crowded for me.テつ New Haven, it's more calm and it's good for practice and everything like that.
Of course to play some matches always is great for me right now.テつ Yeah, I'm just going like calm before the storm then.

Q.テつ Are there things that you have done differently here year after year in NewYork to make it easier for you?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ I'm trying still some things, but hopefully this year.テつ I mean, I never have really good results over there, so I'm just waiting for some time when I can play better.
I think it's a lot about the confidence and everything like that.テつ I mean, probably I have it in my mind that it's not really great tournament for me.テつ But, yeah, I need to still work hard and still believe.

Q.テつ The American players often are impressed by how European players can speak different languages.テつ How many languages do you speak?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ Czech, English, and a little bit Russian.

Q.テつ Why do you think that is?テつ Is it because Europeans, you know, you're so close together and you have to learn other languages, or does it come because of your tennis career that you have to...
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ In school we are learning two more languages.テつ I think that because our official language is Czech and if you are travel Czech is nowhere, right?テつ So that's why we have to learn English or German, for example.テつ My second language was just Russian, so I just choose it.

Q.テつ So when you joined the tour, was that one of those things you didn't have to worry too much about, that if everyone else was speaking English or something that you could feel comfortable right away?テつ Is that something you had to worry about as another element of being comfortable on tour?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ Well, for me in the beginning of the WTA Tour I didn't speak English too much, so it was really difficult for me, as well.
But when you are traveling, when you're not speaking more and listening more, people around help you a lot.テつ In the school is English very tough, and always depends how the teacher is, of course.テつ I didn't really have a good teacher, so it was for me very difficult to just speak out there.
Now I feel more confident.テつ But in the beginning I was pretty nervous every time.

Q.テつ I was wondering what influence Martina Navratilova had for you, being Czech and being a lefty, all that?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ Yeah, when I was growing up she was my idol.テつ My father showed me a lot of shots when she played Wimbledon.テつ She's lefty, of course, from Czech, so she's playing very aggressively.
So she was my idol, and it was just nice that I know that she's fan of me and she's cheering for me not only during Wimbledon.テつ It's always nice to have this great fan.

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