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August 14, 2014

Brittany Lincicome


Q.  Were there any shots, like that albatross you saw the other day?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  No, but I did hit about three shots to about a foot, which was really exciting.  Obviously it's less stressful if I could just do that more often, the scores would be lower and my stress level would be way down, so hopefully we can keep that going tomorrow.

Q.  Do you ever ask yourself, when you said you hadn't been here in a while, do you kind of question yourself, geez, why haven't I been able to put it together until just today or do you take today and hopefully build on it as you go?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  I think take today and just build.  I feel like I've been playing well, I've been doing a lot of really good things.  It's just not all coming together; I drove it well or I don't putt it well.  It's kind of one of those things where it's just not all kind of syncing.
And today, like I said, I was hitting things to like a foot and just tapping them in.  It was stress free.  I was having fun with Meena and Christina, and we were just having a good time out there, so I think it's just for relaxing and not putting pressure on myself and just going out there and having a good time.

Q.  You mentioned the fun.  You had the pro am.  You went to the most unique no hitter at a Red Wings game ever probably.  Are you having a lot of fun?  Do you feel relaxed out there and the familiarity with Rochester even though it is a new course?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  Absolutely.  The only thing this weekend that I missed was the bowling tournament on Tuesday, which was I was kind of bummed, but I was really tired, so I guess that takes precedence over bowling.
But yeah, it's great to be back in this area.  I really hope the commissioner can get us back here.  You see all the fans that are out today.  They love the LPGA.  They love women's golf, and they deserve to have another tournament back here some day.

Q.  Wider fairways, softer course.  Kind of felt like a longer hitter would have an advantage.  You and Lexi are both at the top of the leaderboard.  Is that how it's playing out?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  I think so.  I mean obviously we had a little bit of rain a couple days ago, so that kind of softened it up a little bit, so the further you can hit it, obviously, the better, the further you can get it down there.
The par‑5s are all reachable, except 18 today, or 9, and the par‑3s are playing 200 yards, so it's kind of‑‑ you pick your poisons, obviously you need to attack the par‑5s and try to make pars on the par‑3s.

Q.  Are you swinging harder when you know you can get out there or do you just trust your swing and it'll take care of itself?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  You know, my back has been hurting a little bit, so when it kind of loosens up and I feel like I can rip it obviously on a par‑5, regardless of how I'm feeling, I'm going to rip it.
But yeah, I feel like I was very much in control, especially the practice rounds this week on Monday, I could swing as hard as I wanted.  I knew exactly where the ball was going to go, which is a great feeling.  So hopefully it'll all line up this week and we'll finish strong.

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