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August 13, 2014

Garrett Rank


PETE KOWALSKI: We have Garrett Rank of Canada, who defeated Jimmy Beck, the Kennesaw player, 1-up. Quite a crazy finish there, you both stuffed it in there at 17 and then both missed the putts. Just take us through some of the emotional swings you had in those last three or four holes.

GARRETT RANK: Yeah, I hit a really good drive on 16. It just fell into the right bunker and wasn't very comfortable over that shot. Just kind of came out of it and caught it a little thin and hit the lip. But hit a great third shot and would have been nice to roll that one in, but I was able to get up-and-down from behind the green. Then 17 is probably one of the best swings of the day. Hit a really great shot in there to like probably four or five feet behind the hole. I was watching my ball from the tee. It looked like it was breaking to the right when it was going behind the hole and when I got down there, I was pretty confident that it was right center. I mean, it broke probably an inch to the right and I asked my caddie, I was like, "Did you have that on the left side? I'm like, "Oh, yeah, that was a total misread." I think it missed the hole by like two or three inches. He kind of gifted me a hole there when he 3-putted. But I knew my distance was my advantage over him. And so I knew going into 18, if I could put two good swings on it, or at least give myself a chance to go for the green that I could make birdie.

PETE KOWALSKI: What did you have left on 18?

GARRETT RANK: I had 241 to the flag and 229 to cover the brick wall.

Q. Is it frustrating to play a guy like that who grinds and makes up-and-downs?
GARRETT RANK: We kind of were both grinding a little bit all day. He holed the bunker shot on me on No. 8 when I thought I had the advantage there. He was in a tough spot and he hit an unbelievable shot. Then I missed a short putt on 9 and 10 and kind of tied the hole on 12, and I had a huge advantage with a 4-iron in my hand going into the green. But we both didn't have our best stuff but we both played pretty good. It was a fun match.

Q. Anything more difficult, having to get up early and get in the field?
GARRETT RANK: No. I think that was kind of an advantage to me, so I wasn't restless all morning. I was able to get out this morning and play two really solid holes and get through the playoff. Then went back to the hotel and just relaxed. I was pretty fired up, so didn't get to take a nap or anything. Came back to the course and just prepared to play in the afternoon.

PETE KOWALSKI: Did the following that Jimmy had get to you at all?

GARRETT RANK: No, it was very pro-him. I hit a lot of really good shots, and like the shot on 17, I stuffed it in there and nobody said anything, except I heard like one guy, "Yeah, way to go." It was very pro-him and that's life. I wasn't really worried about it at all actually.

PETE KOWALSKI: Well played.
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