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August 13, 2014

Cheng-Tsung Pan


PETE KOWALSKI: Cheng-Tsung Pan, University of Washington, 4 & 2 winner over Zach Healy from Peachtree Corners, Georgia today. You had it going pretty well. You had an early lead. Tell us how you built that and what you did well.

CHENG-TSUNG PAN: I played solid the whole round all the way. You know, Zach, he's a good player, and he just kind of threw a couple shots away -- I mean, threw a couple holes away. He hit some bad shot and gave me a chance to be up in the beginning. I made a lot of pars. I hit a lot of fairways and greens. Putting wasn't that great, at least today, but overall, it was a solid round, yeah.

PETE KOWALSKI: The success you've had at the Amateur, you went a long way in 2012, and this has been a good summer, playing the British Open. Are things pointing in the right direction for you as you get deeper into the U.S. Amateur here?

CHENG-TSUNG PAN: Yeah, I mean, this week, I feel my game is actually really good. I feel really comfortable with my game for the first time in awhile, because I changed swing last summer. Everything since that is up-and-down, and now this week I feel really comfortable with my game. I can hit the shot I want to and hit the right distance. Yeah, everything seems to be working right now.

Q. You mentioned changing your swing. What was the reason?
CHENG-TSUNG PAN: The reason, I played two U.S. Opens, and with those two, two times' experience, I knew I need to do something to, I mean, my game is good, but if I want to compete such a high level, in a professional level, I need to do something different. I need to gain ten more yards on my driving and I need to hit balls more consistent. And that's why I decided to change swing in the last summer. So basically, I tried to use more big muscle to initial my swing, which allows me to hit balls farther and more consistent.

Q. Did you change ball flight? Did you change coaches?
CHENG-TSUNG PAN: Yeah, I got a new coach. Yeah, the ball flight is totally different. It's higher now. It's fade to draw. So that's why I gained some yardage.

Q. How much do you know about your opponent, Bryson DeChambeau, tomorrow? Have you played with him before or him?
CHENG-TSUNG PAN: Yeah, I played with him at Sahalee in July. He's a good player. He played for Palmer Cup. So he's a really good player. We know each other very well. He will be a really good opponent to play with. It will be a fun round and that's what I'm looking for here.

Q. How do you prepare for a potential two-match day. Do you do anything different tonight?
CHENG-TSUNG PAN: Not really. Just make sure myself is relaxed and get more rest and just probably do nothing (laughs).

PETE KOWALSKI: Do you feel really comfortable at the U.S. Amateur? You qualified at such a young age, and you have so much experience at the Amateur. Do you expect more of yourself now because of your experience here?

CHENG-TSUNG PAN: You know, I expect myself to play well. I want to do my best if I can, and you know, I always want to, I make the quarterfinal in 2007 and I always want to get better than that. This is probably my last time here playing the U.S. Amateur and I want to make sure I do my best and have a shot.

Q. Were you playing with anyone in particular that made you think you had to do something?
CHENG-TSUNG PAN: Just overall fields. If you see the statistics and the driving average, that just tells me that I've got a lot of room to improve. I've gained some weight and also changed my swing, like I said earlier, and I've gained like probably ten yards on every club, which is really helpful and I'm still trying to gain more and do more physical training.

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