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August 12, 2014

Carlota Ciganda

Belen Mozo

Azahara Munoz


KRAIG KANN:テつ Good afternoon, everybody.テつ Welcome to the Wegmans LPGA Championship.テつ My name is Kraig Kann.テつ I'm joined on this stage this afternoon by three members of the victorious International Crown team, who played for Spain.
We figured we'd bring them in this afternoon not only to talk about this golf course and this major but also kind of the way things have gone since that great event for you all.テつ So Carlota Ciganda to my left, Belen Mozo, and Azahara Munoz.
Let's start with the most recent, which is this Major Championship and this golf course.テつ I assume you've been out there.テつ Let's get some thoughts.
Let's start with you, Carlota.
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ I just played ten holes.テつ I really like the course.テつ I like it better than last year because I feel the fairways are a bit wider, and then the greens are a bit smaller, but the course is in great shape.テつ I think it's going to be a very nice week.
KRAIG KANN:テつ Very big test.テつ Your thoughts, Belen?
BELEN MOZO:テつ I agree with Carlota.テつ I think it's‑‑ not a better course.テつ I just like it better than last year.テつ I got a little dizzy last year with those narrow fairways.
It's still a great challenge, this golf course, because you have really short par 5s that you can make eagles and birdies, but then you have very challenging long par 3s with really crazy greens.テつ I think being smart on those par 3s is going to be the key for this week.
AZAHARA MUNOZ:テつ I love the golf course.テつ I love the way the golf course is off the tee.テつ I'm normally pretty straight, but I'm way more straighter when the fairways are wider.テつ So I love that.
It's playing pretty firm.テつ Hopefully, we don't get much rain.テつ I love how it's playing right now.テつ I really like the second shots.テつ You have to be pretty precise.テつ You don't want to be long.テつ Sometimes you can short side yourself.
It's going to be a great test.テつ The golf course is in amazing shape.テつ We're in for a treat this weekend.
KRAIG KANN:テつ Fourth of five Majors on the schedule.テつ Can you give us a sense ‑‑ we'll go back this way before we go International Crown‑‑ of where you are this year.テつ Is this the point of the year where you kind of struggle to keep yourself going? テつAre you tired, or do you feel good mentally at this point?
AZAHARA MUNOZ:テつ I feel better now.テつ The last month, month and a half, I was a little tired mentally.テつ Now I feel much better.テつ After Canada, I'm going to take a two‑week break to make sure I finish the year strong.テつ We've been playing a lot of tournaments, and we don't have any breaks.テつ It's only a week off, which doesn't really feel like any time off at all.
I'm really excited for this tournament, for Evian as well, and then for the rest of the year in Asia.
KRAIG KANN:テつ Belen, this is your fourth year on tour and one of your best to this point with a couple of top ten finishes.テつ You seem to be peaking.テつ Your game seems to be really good right now.
BELEN MOZO:テつ Yes, exactly.テつ As you said, this is my best year so far.テつ I just can't allow myself to get tired mentally or physically.テつ I just think this is the year to go all in and then from there keep getting the momentum.
So I am playing a lot of tournaments, and I'm going to keep a few finishing up.テつ I just think having tournaments is a great opportunity.テつ So I'm just very happy.
KRAIG KANN:テつ How about you, Carlota?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ I feel very powerful right now.
KRAIG KANN:テつ Very powerful?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ Powerful, yeah.テつ After winning the International Crown, it was great motivation to keep practicing and keep playing.テつ So very happy to play here this week and keep playing tournaments during the year.
KRAIG KANN:テつ Let's talk International Crown a little bit.テつ You were actually just in Spain, is that correct?
KRAIG KANN:テつ So tell me, and for all of you, what has it been like since you all walked away wearing those crowns on Sunday in Baltimore?テつ What was it like at home for you?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ It was amazing.テつ Everyone was saying congrats, not only my home course, but in Madrid, the Federation ^^.テつ Everyone was very happy, and everyone watched it on TV.
I think it was really good for the golf in Spain because all the girls saw it.テつ I think it's going to grow up.テつ It's just an amazing feeling winning with your friends.テつ I'm very, very happy.テつ I can't wait for the next one.
KRAIG KANN:テつ So you got off the plane.テつ People stopped you immediately, lots of autographs, big media.テつ What was that like for you?
BELEN MOZO:テつ We're not Japan.
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ That doesn't happen.
KRAIG KANN:テつ Didn't happen?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ No.テつ On my home course, congrats, well done, we saw you on TV.テつ It's not like Japan, Korea, or here in the States.
KRAIG KANN:テつ So we have some work to do in Spain?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ A lot of work, yeah.
KRAIG KANN:テつ Belen, your thoughts on what it's been like for you since the victory?
BELEN MOZO:テつ I stayed in Florida.テつ I didn't get the chance to go to Spain, but I wouldn't be stopped in the airport either.
I think it's great.テつ I think even every tournament, even last week, you get all the volunteers, every single volunteer followed the International Crown.テつ They all saw it.テつ We had such an incredible coverage from the media.テつ That was huge.
I mean, people from everywhere not expected are saying congrats, we were rooting for Spain, which is obvious after the United States lost.
I think it was huge.テつ I think it was just because of the coverage the Golf Channel did for us.テつ It was very big.
KRAIG KANN:テつ Aza, I don't know if you need any more exposure now.テつ Your commercial was on, I think, 300 or 400 times during the PGA Championship.テつ But what's it been like for you?
AZAHARA MUNOZ:テつ It's been incredible.テつ I did so many interviews the next few days.テつ It's going to sound bad, but I was almost overwhelmed by how many people wanted an interview back home.
I don't know if they know, but we made the front page in one of the biggest sports newspaper, which is huge.テつ Golf would never make it.テつ Not even the guys make it.テつ It's always soccer.テつ They do something, even if they're not in season or whatever, they'll be on the front page.テつ So that was pretty big for us, and it's been amazing.
Now it's finally sinked in.テつ I'm just so proud of having won the tournament with these girls.

Q.テつ For all three of you, playing on that pressurized stage at the International Crown as a team, can it translate in any way as an individual?テつ How much confidence did you get out of what you did at that International Crown that could carry over onto another big stage like this week's LPGA Championship?
KRAIG KANN:テつ Let's go to you first, Belen, because you really had a shining moment that week, I think.
BELEN MOZO:テつ I don't know what to say.テつ I thought about it.テつ It's something that you think about it.テつ You don't just keep this momentum going.
Definitely I played some good golf the week of the International Crown, and I'm still playing really good golf, but I don't think I, especially myself, I cannot get that pumped playing for myself.テつ I think that week was just‑‑ you would never see me go crazy, fist pumping, if I'm leading this week.テつ I mean, I'll be really excited, but I would not be screaming.テつ I would not have anyone to look for and cheer.
I don't think it's as good and as fun when you play as a team as individual.テつ Don't get me wrong, I mean, I will be super excited as well and very motivated, but it's not the same, I guess, passion when you play as a team.

Q.テつ Aza, you've got one win on the LPGA, but you've had six top tens this year, clearly a player who people recognize and know.テつ What did that event perhaps do for you?テつ I know you're trying to take your career to the next level so you can do so many interviews and be overwhelmed even more.
AZAHARA MUNOZ:テつ I love those events.テつ Every time I play Solheim, the next few events, I play really well.テつ I think that helped me.テつ My putting seems to work in those events when it's match play and things like that.テつ Last week I didn't hit the ball well, but my putting is for sure much better.
I think in the past it has helped me with Solheim.テつ So hopefully it's given me a little confidence.

Q.テつ Carlota, how about your confidence?テつ If we include Solheim Cup, for you specifically, you are 6‑1‑0 over the International Crown and the Solheim Cup.テつ That's really impressive.テつ You're trying to take your career to the next level as well.テつ How can that help you?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ I think it really helps because, as I said, you are more‑‑ with more confidence.テつ Also, I feel my putting is better.テつ I love to play much better when I'm playing here as an individual and not as a team.テつ Your game feels more confident, and I just can't wait to start playing.
It's not the same as playing as a team because, when you play with your friends and for Spain, your country, it's something different because we all feel it because we did it when we were young.
Still goes you're playing a Major Championship, so you want to play your best.テつ We are very lucky to play on this beautiful golf course.テつ So we can't wait to start playing.
KRAIG KANN:テつ You three were 6‑0 on the weekend combined.テつ Let's take a question.

Q.テつ Aza, could you talk about your teammates, but now how much do you push each other to become the first Spaniard to win a Major, women's Major.
AZAHARA MUNOZ:テつ How do we push each other?

Q.テつ Do you think you do push each other to become the first Spaniard to win a Major?
KRAIG KANN:テつ To become the first Spaniard to win a Major?テつ Do you all push each other?テつ Is that something you all talk about and encourage each other?
AZAHARA MUNOZ:テつ I think one of the things we like is, when we play together, we really help each other.テつ That's why we've always been so successful as an amateur and like last week in the International Crown.
I think one thing we need to learn is that, when we play as individuals, we are not that good‑‑ I don't want to say we're not that good mentally, but it's almost like, top ten is good.テつ We don't have the fight.
It's like Belen said, when we play for each other, we really have the passion.テつ Like I went out there on Sunday, and I mean, I'm not losing.テつ Like at least I have that attitude.
But I think we really need to take that attitude into this event to be able to be the first ones to win a Major.テつ You know, obviously, we need to learn from that, but we really need to take it up.テつ I've been thinking about it.
Like Carlota went out to the 1st tee on Sunday, and I saw Belen, she's going to kill her, like you could see it.テつ Like there's no way she's not winning.テつ Not just not winning, but she's going to win by a lot.
Coming to this event, I don't see why we shouldn't have that attitude either.テつ I think, if we learn from that, we could definitely win a Major.テつ We need to learn from that and have that attitude out here.
KRAIG KANN:テつ Just following that up.テつ How big would it be to follow up the International Crown with a Spanish woman winning a Major?
AZAHARA MUNOZ:テつ It would be huge.テつ I think we've already been making a pretty big impact back home in Spain.テつ Obviously, everybody was saying how we won the World Championship.テつ It was pretty big.
I think we definitely need to follow up with something so people don't forget about it.テつ So that would be huge for us.
KRAIG KANN:テつ Belen, thoughts on that?
BELEN MOZO:テつ I think she spoke really well.テつ Yeah, same thing.テつ About the first question or the second?
KRAIG KANN:テつ About Randall's follow-up on the Majors and trying to carry that momentum into being the first Spaniard to win a Major in women's golf.
BELEN MOZO:テつ I couldn't agree more.テつ It's something that kills me because I cannot find the answer why we don't work that well in comparison to other players individually.
Like we‑‑ I don't know how to say it.テつ As a team‑‑
AZAHARA MUNOZ:テつ We showed up to the International Crown, and we knew we could win it.
AZAHARA MUNOZ:テつ Like we had no doubt.テつ Like not trying to be cocky, but it's something, when we play with other people, I don't know why we feel more comfortable.テつ I don't know what it is.テつ But then if you tell me, any of you going to win this week?テつ Then I'll be like, ooh, I don't know.
BELEN MOZO:テつ We cannot be that cocky.テつ It's like ‑‑ I don't know.
AZAHARA MUNOZ:テつ I guess it's because we grew up always playing as a team, always traveling with teammates, and having that support makes us feel comfortable.テつ We just need to learn how to be that comfortable just on our own.
KRAIG KANN:テつ By the way 20‑8‑4 combined in international professional match play between the Crown and Solheim for you three, which is really strong.テつ Any other questions from the media here?
Let me leave you with this‑‑ because I know Aza told me we were 20 minutes and done.テつ I just want to let you guys know that.テつ There has been a time constraint put on this press conference.
How big is it right now on the LPGA, given the number of top players playing good golf, knowing there are two Majors left and an award being handed out at the end for the Rolex ANNIKA award?テつ How good a time is this right now for the LPGA with the stars?テつ Aza?
AZAHARA MUNOZ:テつ It's amazing.テつ I think everything is going on for us.テつ We're getting more tournaments, bigger purses.テつ People are busy watching us more and following us more.
Every year you always think it's hard to get better, but for sure this year it's really hard to get better.テつ Michelle's won.テつ Lexi's won.テつ Stacy's on fire.テつ All those things really help us.
I think it's only going to get better.テつ The best of the field, it's only getting better.テつ There's so many players any week that could win a tournament.
I think it's really exciting we have so many good events coming in now.テつ This tournament, the Canadian Open is pretty big, and then Evian.テつ It's a pretty big mark before we go to Asia.テつ I think it's going to be pretty good.
KRAIG KANN:テつ Belen?
BELEN MOZO:テつ I agree.テつ It's getting better and better with the PGA of America joining with the KP&G next year for these tournaments.テつ We are getting better and better, and we're going to get still better and better.
It's very exciting for us because we are good, and so people are getting to know that, and they're getting excited, and we want to be part of it.テつ That's pretty cool.
KRAIG KANN:テつ Carlota?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ I couldn't agree more with them.テつ To play here, I feel very lucky to be part of the LPGA, and I think our team is doing a great job to find more sponsors, to find more tournaments.テつ It's getting better every day.
So I think we are very lucky.テつ We need to just take advantage, play golf, and have fun here.
KRAIG KANN:テつ Congratulations to each one of you.テつ Best of luck this week.テつ Give the fans of Rochester a real treat, will you?テつ Thanks a lot for being here, Team Spain.テつ Thank you.

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