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July 13, 2003

Tom Watson


TOM WATSON: Well, my round today, accentuated with hiccups. The worst was No. 3 where I hit it in the green side bunker on the par 5 in two and then I fluffed it out, fluffed it and left it in the bunker and knocked it out to about six or eight feet for bogey there. I'm look thinking birdie and I end up with a bogey, and Craig is in the process of making bogey there, so that hurt me.

I had a 3 putt at 8 and the wrong club at 12. Both par 3s hurt me. And then really, I guess in general, my par 5 play this week wasn't very good. I didn't birdie very many of the par 5s. I hit I had a couple bogeys, two or three bogeys on the par 5s, which they kill you when you do that.

Overall, happy with the way I'm playing. I'm looking forward to putting Royal St. George's to the test coming up next week and then Turnberry the following week at the Senior British Open, and I'm looking forward to that very, very much.

Q. (Inaudible.)

TOM WATSON: Well, it wasn't to be today. The golf course was there for the taking, no wind or very little wind, and I didn't my touch wasn't real good. I had a lot of putts that had some chances, but still, the bogey at 3 really kind of it kind of set me off on the wrong tone. Even though I made a couple birdies and I made a good par putt at No. 4, it wasn't to be my day today. It was Craig's day.

Q. Once again, obviously you want to do well for Bruce, but another major, close but no cigar. Is it starting to get a little frustrating?

TOM WATSON: Yeah, I feel like Tommy Aaron. Tommy had a history of finishing second. I've finished second too many times out here on the Champions Tour.

Q. You played so much high level golf, are you looking forward to going over there?

TOM WATSON: Yeah, I'm pumped. Today was a disappointment, but I'm going to take what I did well today and expand on that. I can't complain too much. I had my opportunities. Again, I had my opportunities to do well, and Craig just he outplayed me. Straight up outplayed me today.

Q. Did you wish the rain delay came about ten holes earlier?

TOM WATSON: Yeah, I needed something to change my luck, didn't I? It was nice finishing birdie, birdie. It's going to make the flight over to England a lot sweeter. That was what I intended to do when I went out there after the rain delay, try to birdie last two holes and finish tied for second.

Q. (Inaudible.)

TOM WATSON: I'm going to miss him. Obviously I'm going to miss him a lot. One of Bruce's strengths are reading putts. He's very good at reading putts. I didn't rely on him early in my career, but the more I understood that he could read putts he's a good putter in his own right, and I started to rely more and more on him reading putts. I'm going to miss that factor that, strategic factor right there.

Of course, I'm going to miss his sense of humor. But I've got a good caddie over there, Neil Ox (ph) is going to caddie for me. He's a former caddie out here from a long time ago. He's made it pretty big in the political arena and he's going to caddie for me over there, try to have me run for senator. (Laughter.)

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