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August 10, 2014

Alexander Peya

Bruno Soares


6‑4, 6‑3

Q.テつ First of all, talk about defending your title.
ALEXANDER PEYA:テつ Oh, it feels great.テつ Last year we won our first 1000 title in Montreal, and it was kind of strange to defend the title in a different city.テつ It's unusual.
But I think we played good from the start again, felt like home again in Canada, and picked up where we left off last year.

Q.テつ Bruno, just talk about your success this week.テつ What did you guys do well?
BRUNO SOARES:テつ Well, I think a lot of hard work.テつ We went to (indiscernible) earlier and practice a lot of hard courts.テつ Played two good matches over there.
I think when we came here we were feeling much better on this surface.テつ We managed to do everything right this week.
Then from the beginning we didn't drop a set.テつ Now we are serving really well, which is very important for our game, and the rest is just playing solid, staying very positive.
Semifinals was a very mental match, because we had a lot of chances to win the match.テつ Then took a long tiebreaker to finish.
I think like the good energy, like Alex said, Canada feels like home for us.

Q.テつ And talk about two Brazilians in a Masters 1000 final.テつ What does that mean for Brazilian tennis?
BRUNO SOARES:テつ It's very special, because in Brazil they really support the game of doubles and they really appreciate everything that we have been doing.テつ It's first time in history that two Brazilians play each other in Masters 1000 final.
There's a few things.テつ I mean, as Brazilian tennis, it's a very special moment for us.テつ Doing that with Marcelo, who is such a close friend, grew up together from the same city, make it even more special.
So we are really proud of what we are doing, and hope we can do it many more times.

Q.テつ Somebody was asking about your name on the back of the shirt.テつ Is that something that...
BRUNO SOARES:テつ That's something that we are doing.テつ Mr.Alexander Peya actually forgot his shirts with his name, so his wife brought it.テつ She's in Cincy right now.テつ So in Cincy we're gonna be Peya and Soares, not Soares and this guy.テつ Now we are back as Peya and Soares.

Q.テつ Talk about, you know, just put you guys in good shape for London.テつ Just talk about that with this title.
ALEXANDER PEYA:テつ I mean, it was always our goal from the beginning of the year.テつ We experienced it last year, and when you have been there once you want to go back no matter what.
And, yeah, I think now we're in a good position, but of course we want to win the rest of the season.テつ I think there is a good season coming up for us, because like it's tournaments that we like and surface that we like, and indoor season coming up now, two big ones on the U.S. hard courts where we played well last year.テつ So I think there is a lot of good tennis in us this year.

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