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August 10, 2014

Ernie Els


ERNIE ELS:  It could have been something real special.  I'm still quite pleased with that, you know, from what I have been all season long.  Not really on my game.  But I feel that my clubs, the Adams clubs, we really got dialed in now.  The putter feels good.
So I've been working hard on those aspects and I really felt, like said inside there, 7 and 8 was‑‑ I had it going unbelievably.  I felt like I could birdie every hole.  I just had that momentum going.
Not birdieing 7, and then missing that 5‑footer on 8 hurt a little bit.  I tried to hang in there on the back nine.

Q.  A final round like this, when was the last time you had a final round like this?
ERNIE ELS:  I guess at The Open.  I shot‑‑ missed one on 13.
But I want to look at the positives, you know.  Actually started making some putts.  Especially in the final day.  That's good signs.

Q.  When you got those four birdies in a row, were you thinking about a number that you might need to get to?
ERNIE ELS:  When I missed those putts on 7 and 8, I said to Collin, Let's get to 14.
Still felt that my game was in such great shape that I could get to 14.  That meant that I needed to make five birdies in ten holes, which I felt was really on.
I fell short and a bogey on 17 obviously hurt a little bit.  I was trying to get to 14 to have half a chance.

Q.  What did you hit in 17?
ERNIE ELS:  I hit it in the right rough.  It was lying quite deep.  It 168 to the hole.  I played it to the right side because I couldn't carry the bunker.  I really hammered a 9‑iron, and it came out hot and I didn't have much of a chip from the back there.

Q.  I didn't see Cheryl here this week.  How much has what you have been working on worked out today?
ERNIE ELS:  She's been begging me to get back to the shorter putter, even last year.  Finally made that change.  It's taken me a while.  When you have gone what I have gone through on the greens, it's hard to think that you can putt well again.  She's always given me that belief or she's believed that I am a good putter.
Just worked on her drills and started feeling confident the last couple of weeks.  Just started feeling more secure and felt that the stroke is good.  We'll keep working.

Q.  Given the soft conditions, which this as gettable a major course as you have seen?
ERNIE ELS:  Yes, yes.  I mean, we really played in some sloppy stuff.  Just after the rain came, almost the whole golf course was underwater, especially the fairways.  The greens, they did a hell of a job.  I thought the greens were great.  Obviously the fairways were very, very wet.  As we kept playing, it obviously was drying up a little bit.
The course was as gettable as you can get ever.  This is a great course, great spectator course, but for a major, this was as gettable as you are going to get.

Q.  Were you on the second hole when the weather delayed?
ERNIE ELS:  Yeah.  I was nowhere on 2.  I made actually a great par there.  When I hit my drive, it was in the pouring rain.  I think I hit it about 220 off the tee in the rough.  I wasn't too thrilled to go back to my second shot after that rain delay.

Q.  (Inaudible)?
ERNIE ELS:  No, no.  I guess the vans couldn't get back to where we were, so it was quite a walk back.  First time ever I have seen Colin upset.

Q.  You are playing next week.  Are you glutton for punishment?
ERNIE ELS:  No.  I want to play.  I'm not playing in the Pro‑Am.  I'll do a visit next week for Wyndham.  That gives me quite a few nice days at home with the family.  Samantha is going to get back to homework and Ben wants to be home.  I think Liezl will come with me to Greensboro.  I love the course.  I love Bobby Long.  I think he does a hell of a job.  It's just a nice old traditional course.
I feel like it's there, you know.  At Barclays, I've got a Monday outing.  Other than that I've got no outings, no nothing.  Might as play a little bit.

Q.  When did you switch back to the short putter this year?
ERNIE ELS:  Start of the year.  I shot some really stupid low number in December, but I was with my mates.  And it was taken me a while to get used to the putter out here on Tour.

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